healthy eco vegan valentine's day gift guideChristmas has been and gone, and you’re probably exhibiting signs of relief. Unless your partner, spouse or boyfriend has a birthday fast approaching, then you no longer have to undergo the anxiety of what to get him. Except, this isn’t entirely true. Aside from New Year’s Eve, the next big event is Valentine’s Day, and whether you love it or merely think of it as a crafted holiday to drive sales and revenue, if you’re in a relationship, you may want to start planning something special. You’ll want to avoid disappointment, after all.

Whatever the stage of your relationship, whether you’re a nearly formed coupling, been together for many years or even if you simply have a crush on someone, there’s a gift for everyone out there. For inspiration on what to get him, consider the following:

Thoughtful Gestures

Not all men expect or even want expensive gifts; some will simply be sated by the gesture of love and notion that you’ve made a sentimental effort. Rather than splurge (after all, Christmas will only have been a month and a bit earlier), put your attention and efforts into the details. Look for a gift that means something. For instance, create a map of the constellations on the night your both met or made your relationship official, or handcraft a photo album of your time together – whether it’s of a beloved holiday or just an overhaul of all the photos of the two of you. If you want to get him something physical, then you could always opt for a watch or statement piece of jewelry. However, remember to get it engraved with something meaningful.

Fancy Liquors

Your other half may be a wine sommelier or perhaps they understand what makes a nice scotch, and so treating them to a sophisticated bottle of liquor can be the ideal gift for them. This is especially true if they enjoy fancy liquor but struggle to spend money on themselves when it comes to these alcoholic treats. Before splashing the cash though, make sure you research exactly what it is they enjoy. They may enjoy red wine, but take the time to understand what type of red they prefer; the same goes for all alcoholic beverages.

Of course, another way to treat them is to take them to a distillery, brewery or even winery. Depending on where you live, there may be many tours available to you, where they take you from A to B, then B to C and so on, so that you drink in enjoyment. Many of these tours will also include lunch, meaning you can have a whole day of excitement, relishing in both your alcoholic favorites.

A Weekend Away

Pack your bags and jet off somewhere far and exotic, or jump in the car and visit a nearby haven. Surprise your other half with a weekend getaway to somewhere the both of you would enjoy. This can be as expensive or as cheap as you prefer, depending on location and accommodation. However, just make sure the both of you enjoy it and spend some quality time together.

Organizing a weekend away, though, takes heavy planning; it may also take some serious sleuthing skills if you want to keep it a surprise. Consider your possibilities – it’s a weekend away, so you’ll want to visit somewhere close. If you’re near Europe, then your options can be limitless; living in America, and you have all other 49 states to consider; Australia, you may have a few time constraints, so keeping it domestic may be your best bet.

A weekend away is incredibly thoughtful, and extremely romantic. Pack fancy clothing and make sure to book a table at a critically acclaimed restaurant; consider a romantic night or morning in where you’re not constrained to the monotony back home. Valentine’s Day is all about being intimate with the one you love, and it’s a vital ingredient to curating a healthy relationship. The role that sex plays in your relationship is unique to you and your partner, and there’s no “one size fits all” approach to intimacy. However, numerous studies indicate that having sex once a week or more increases bonding between partners and strengthens communication. Valentine’s Day, and being away in a romantic, foreign country can be the perfect time to enhance your sex life. There are many products out there, which can double up as extra romantic gifts also, such as all natural hydropumps from Bathmate Direct. For more information, make sure to click here!

Couple Time

To spend time as a couple, you do not have to go abroad. Instead, you can stay at home, in your hometown and still have a great time. With Valentine’s Day being in the middle of the week, you and your partner could both book the day off work and spend all day with one another. You could visit the city, catch a film, or simply sleep in, have breakfast in bed and then go out in the evening. Whether you’re raising kids together, holding down stressful jobs, or trying to juggle both, your time together as a couple is likely to suffer when you’re busy. Therefore, making the effort to write in couple time is incredibly important. This time doesn’t simply fall into your lap; instead, you need to make the effort to spend quality time with the other. Sign up for classes, book tickets to a film you so desperately want to see but may not have time to view otherwise. By simply being together, your Valentine’s Day can be so much more meaningful than a big fancy meal at an expensive restaurant.

Food Hampers

Sometimes, it seems as if your partner has everything they could desire, leaving you out of options. When in doubt, though, always resort to edible gifts. However, rather than settle for the basics, think outside the box. Either buy a basket or box and fill it yourself, or find a company who can make it for you. On the big day, you can have a picnic in front of a fire if your house has one, or in front of the TV, while watching Netflix: bliss.

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