Everyone has at least one friend in their life that’s considered the more adventurous one. They’re usually the ones who are constantly seeking a thrill, stepping outside of their comfort zone, and pushing the limits. They’re the life of the party, always traveling, exploring, and finding new ways to have a good time. Though these qualities are great to have, when it comes time to buy them something, you’re at a loss.

They have experienced so many things on a regular basis that you have no idea what you can get them that they would find interesting, let alone meaningful. On the contrary, there are a lot of gifts you can buy for your adventurous friend that they would love.


If your friend enjoys physical activities like bike riding, skateboarding, or roller skating then perhaps they would appreciate a cool gift like a hoverboard. It’s a great way to stay active, learn new tricks and, of course, get adventurous.

Camera or Video Equipment

For the adventurous friend who loves traveling, the perfect gift idea is a device that captures the memories. A digital camera or video equipment can be used to document their fun excursions. Whether they’re hiking through the mountains, jumping out of a plane, or dancing the night away at a popular nightclub they can capture it all.

Beer Tour

Does your friend love a good brew? If so, why not take them on a beer tour? There are beer tours in San Diego and other popular cities where you can let loose, explore the city, learn the history, meet new people, try new foods and taste lots of great beer. If your budget allows, you can even make a friends trip out of it. Choose a city where there’s a lot to do (like San Diego, Las Vegas, or New York City) and fill your days up with fun activities from morning until night.


Buying just any outfit might be a bit boring for your adventurous friend, but investing in gear that correlates with things they like to do is appreciated. For instance, if your friend loves going skiing, buying them some fresh new goggles, a jacket, or leggings is a great idea. They can look great while doing something they enjoy!

Health and Wellness Products

A thoughtful way to show your friends that you care is to purchase health and wellness products. Since they’re likely always on the go, these buys would help them to maintain their active lifestyles while sustaining good health. A small blender, for instance, allows them to do their juicing during travel. A travel-sized essential oil diffuser allows them to take in soothing scents and relax in their hotel rooms after a long adventurous day.

Shopping for gifts is always a bit stressful – no matter how well you know the person. However, when you have a friend who is outgoing, adventurous, and spontaneous, deciding what to buy can prove even more challenging. Hopefully, however, these gifts will give you some inspiration on what to gift your friend that they can truly appreciate.

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