turtleI was recently introduced to ​SEEtheWILD​; a website dedicated to helping travelers find options that support endangered wildlife and local biodiversity. What I found interesting about the website is just how many options there are for families and teens; those that are seeking luxury experiences; and those of us that want to get our hands dirty and volunteer their time with wildlife. SEEtheWILD has strict guidelines that all its tours and experiences must adhere to, including the patronage of local business’, a reduced environmental footprint, and educating guests as to what’s happening to the animals, how they are helping.
The site is simple to use, and you’ll find options for every single continent, as well as trips that can help your favorite endangered species. In a time where tourism has perhaps become a little too ‘rinse and repeat’, it’s nice to find good people committed to doing good things for animals.
As for my personal faves, these two have  ​just ​ made my bucket list:  ​Dolphin Research Expedition in Croatia and also Volunteering with Sea Turtles in Costa Rica
Check them out, and if you know someone planning their own travels, share the link with them, too.dolphins

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