travel lifestyle healthy voyagerTo be in a position where you’re able to travel around the world with relative ease is easier said than done, or so it seems. While the bottom line cost of a given trip is undoubtedly the most important element when weighing whether or not you can pull it off, there are ways to live your life which make the chances of travel more likely. If you wish to get yourself situated to be better at seeing the world, incorporate the following into the way you go about life:

Live Small

When you choose to live small – such as through a coliving arrangement or another efficient form of housing – several things happen which make traveling around the world a lot easier. First, you reduce your living expenses and are able to pocket the difference as savings for travel. Secondly, you have a lifestyle which lets taking off and seeing the world a lot easier to do, since there is less to worry about back home. Lastly, you’re less inclined to buy a bunch of material goodies to bring back from your adventures, which tend to be unnecessary purchases which add equally unnecessary cost to your trip.

Live Frugally

Similar to living small, living frugally leads to more money to put towards your travel fund. But while choosing shared housing over your own apartment is a single decision which can shave thousands off your annual cost of living, frugality is a more tactical, day-by-day habit to develop. Focus on the big sources of spending, such as food and clothing, then branch out to recreation and other expenses. Keep a budget to track savings to see how much a few changes can add to your ability to see the world.

Live Smart

Take advantage of travel deals and discounts on lodgings whenever possible. Conduct research to track down the best times of years to visit which parts of the world, in terms of both price and experience. However, it’s important to be a critical consumer; many popular travel discount sites don’t do much but add a service fee to your bottom line cost, meanwhile, marketing can easily convince someone a travel experience is worth a certain price when it can be done for hundreds less.

Live Prepared

An offshoot of living smart is living prepared, especially when planning for your trip. This enables you to ensure the best travel experience possible. Far too often, inexperienced travelers leave too much to chance and have a bad time as a consequence. It feels like a waste of time and money and subsequently a person’s taste for travel is diminished. While a streak of spontaneity and surprise is welcome during trips, serendipitous events ought to be the exception and not the rule.

So you want to see the world, but feel as though your lifestyle or life situation makes that difficult if not impossible? If so, try and change the way you live! From opting for a more budget-friendly living arrangement to being a thriftier consumer to giving those travel discounts a second glance before clicking “Buy”, it’s possible to make some changes to enhance the odds you’ll get to go to the places you always wanted and have an unforgettable time in the process.


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