Social Security CardThe social security card is a nine digit number code that is very hard to live without in the United States. It’s among the rules and regulations for each and every citizen to have such a card. Eligible citizens are those who have eighteen years and above. The Social Security Card (SSC) serves as the identification card only that it’s a little different so to speak. The cards operations are closely monitored by the federal government to make sure all citizens are treated as per the required standards and are receiving the necessary services. Applications for such a card is done over at government offices or through the website getting a new social security card. Eligible applicants are advised to go get the card and responsibly start reaping the benefits of their citizenship. The privileges of holding such a card are as follows.

  1. It’s required when Applying for a Driver’s License

Owning a car is always a young guy’s longtime dream. Such a dream slowly turns to reality when he becomes of age to first own a driver’s license. With the help of competent driving skills alone, one finds it almost impossible to own a license in absence of the social security card. The card will automatically be linked to an insurance company for financing suppose one causes an accident. When also purchasing a car, the card helps in identifying the car registration hence keeping a track on the number of automobiles in the state and by so doing it greatly helps minimize car theft cases.

  1. You can’t be Employed without it

Job opportunities have proven to be scarce with the increasing population as a result of immigration cases. The state government offers funds for such people to at least help in paying rents for people to live in and also have them afford foodstuffs only for them to pay back after securing employment. Such benefits also help citizens pay tax through the Internal Revenue Services (IRS).Noble deeds as such from the government assists in reducing crime rates. Applicants of such benefits should have that particular card so as the government keeps track of them and negotiate various ways of paying back.

  1. Lenders Ask for it when Giving Loans

Financial crisis has been a limiting factor to many students and therefore becoming a hindrance for further studies. The government has heard and tried to act upon such distress cries through offering various loans, like the student loan. Students can now pursue whatever it is they dream of studying with such government privileges. However, a social security card holder student is generally eligible for such loans. Applicants should have cleared other loans for them to qualify this one. The card acts as a record for easy confirming whether the student has debts of previous loans or not. Should the government learn that one possess the card but conceals it to its services, the person in question qualifies for a fine of five hundred dollars.

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