usa bus toursIf you’re planning on doing some traveling through the United States, it’s always fun seeing new places and historic landmarks with a group of other like-minded people. Some of us seem to enjoy a double-decker bus tour, while others may prefer a coach bus tour that hits multiple historical landmarks and vacation destinations.

Today, we’re going to look at some of the most exciting coach bus tours taking place in the United States. These highly rated tours have a great reputation and many people seem to really enjoy them. So if you’re thinking about touring parts of the US on a coach bus, you should seriously consider the recommendations we’re sharing with you today.

Elvis & the Southern Sounds

If you’ve ever wanted to tour Memphis and Nashville Tennessee on a coach bus, you’re definitely going to appreciate this exciting tour. It takes place over nine days and it’s a pretty exciting tour because it actually starts out in New Orleans, then you’ll visit Tupelo, from there, the road will take you to Memphis, and at the end of the tour, during the final leg, you will reach Nashville, Tennessee.

This tour is great for Elvis Presley fans and music fans in general because New Orleans, Memphis, and Nashville are all incredibly popular because of all the musicians who’ve lived and mastered their craft in these great cities. So if you truly love music, you’ll absolutely fall head over heels in love with this bus tour.

As previously mentioned, it begins in New Orleans where a local expert will tell you all about the sights and sounds of this amazing place. From there, the tour moves to Tupelo, Mississippi, which is the place where Elvis Presley was born. The Elvis Presley museum is also here, and you’ll have a chance to visit it as well.

Then, you’ll spend three nights in Memphis learning about the place from a local tour guide. There are many hidden and hard to find Elvis sightseeing spots that you’ll never have known about unless they were pointed out to you. You’ll also visit the Stax Museum, the Rock and Soul Museum, Sun Studio, and even more important, you’ll have an opportunity to visit Graceland.

In Nashville, you’ll have a chance to see the music studio called Studio B where Elvis recorded 262 songs. And you’ll wrap things up by visiting the Country Music Hall Of Fame. This is an exciting tour for music lovers of every persuasion.

Enchanting Canyonlands

On this exciting bus tour, you’ll have the opportunity to visit eight amazing destinations. The store tour starts out in Arizona, and it ends in Las Vegas, Nevada. You’ll arrive in Scottsdale on the first day. On the second day, you will move on to Sedona and see the Wonders of the Grand Canyon. You’ll visit Lake Powell and Monument Valley on the third day, leisurely Lake Powell on the fourth day, Bryce Canyon’s Stony Symphony on the fifth day, on the sixth day, you’ll travel from Zion to Las Vegas, and on the seventh day the tour will come to an end.

Classic Fall Foliage Bus Tour

This bus tour starts out in Boston, Massachusetts, lasts for nine days, and takes you through four other destinations. New England is known for its beautiful fall foliage, so it makes sense to want to see this gorgeous place during the fall months. You’ll visit beautiful historic places like Cornelius Vanderbilt’s mansion, The Breakers, Acadia National Park, and many more exciting destinations.


If you love experiencing the best tours in North America, you’ll really enjoy every one of the exciting US bus tours we’ve mentioned today.

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