grace bay beach turks and caicosWhat type of destination is your favourite to visit when travelling? Do you prefer to be in the wilderness, or perhaps in the city? Maybe it is a destination with a warmer climate or do you prefer the cold? There are plenty of considerations when thinking about your top destinations. There are many different types of places to visit whichever type of holiday you prefer. During winter when you are feeling the cold your mind probably conjures images of warmer climates.

When you think about the hottest destinations, heat and fame can go hand in hand. Think about Las Vegas for example at sometimes the temperature outside can be really high, but you wouldn’t know it whilst sitting inside watching a show or at the casino. Some destinations can range in temperature, but there’s also places like Phoenix Arizona that is known for its year-round sun.

Other destinations may not be so famous, but when it comes to high temperatures are often top of the list. This includes many African countries where the heat is high, and the tourism is low. You will need to think carefully before you decide to visit any less tourist friendly places and good planning is essential. It depends just how much you want to discover some of the hottest destinations in the world.

But where do you go if you are looking for a hot and unique place to visit or you are just curious about where the hottest places on earth are? Find out where these places are, how to get there and what to do in the hottest places on earth. Plus find out if these destinations are tourist friendly or not. Here is a great list of the top ten hottest places on earth. 

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