beach house decorWhen it comes to decorating one’s home, the sheer presence of a wide range of trends is a great source of inspiration for some people, but also a stressful confusion for the others. Choosing one interior style for your home can be quite difficult, which is why many opt for elements that are simply timeless. This doesn’t mean your house won’t be modern – on the contrary, it’ll be much easier for you to keep up with the trends. The key is in the simplicity of the design, which is crucial for creating a perfect balance between your style and the design of the whole house. Always keep in mind that trends come and go, but timeless elements are always in style and a part of every new trend.

A white kitchen

Whether you want to include white kitchen cabinets only or will go for an all-white kitchen, this is a well-established tradition in many homes. The main reason for that is the fact that this color is the perfect base for adding different elements that will boost the aesthetic of any room. Since the kitchen is the space where we spend most of our family time, this color will make your surroundings more comfortable. White also gives that clean look, which is important to include into the kitchen design, and adds a certain vintage charm. You can always introduce a dash of color with dark flooring, a colorful rug, and marble countertops.

Mid-century sideboard

Antiques make a comeback every couple of years, because they can be a part of any design and everyone like having them in their homes. You can find these in different sizes and colors, but the most common are the pieces made from teak and in lighter shades of wood. These pieces of furniture are great because you can use them to achieve a sophisticated and elegant style, or add a touch of vintage. The simplicity in the design allows you to combine these with other furniture or leave them isolated to highlight their beauty even more. Avoid adding too many different items around them, though, because all that crowd could steal the focus from your beautiful focal peace.

Accent walls

Having one wall that stands out is something the designers keep recommending season after season, and the only thing that changes is the color. This little trick could be implemented into every room of the house and really help you create a balance between having a dramatic change and a more neutral layout. This is the place for bold decisions, so don’t be afraid to use dark blue, green, red and even dark orange. These colors are a great choice for one wall because they provide a certain visual element and will be surely spruce up your interior. If this is too big a change for you, start with a lighter shade to see if you’ll like the concept at all, and then slowly add darker shades.

Adding depth with materials

Different types of materials can create a warm and homely feeling in every room, and this is definitely a trick you should use. From playing with different pieces of furniture made from various types of wood, to layering decorative rugs, you’ll create a much-welcomed depth. If you want to highlight a certain part of the room even more, you can play with color contrasts or use different shades of one color. Be sure to include lighting into planning as well, because different materials behave differently under different types of lighting. The bedroom is probably the best room to try this style in, because we all want to create a comfortable and restful space, and that’s what we’ll get by playing with materials.

A great dining table

Although dining tables can be found in different shapes and sizes, most people tend to stick with glass. However, if you want a true evergreen look, you can’t go wrong with wood. Wood plays a major role in making a piece of furniture appear timeless because of its connection with nature and the raw beauty in its natural color. A great wooden dining table can be adapted within various interiors and you could always finish off the design with leather chairs. This is also a great opportunity to give yourself the freedom to keep adding trendy colorful items like tablecloths, fruit bowls and fresh flowers.

Showcasing art

Various types of art are part of our lives and there’s no need to keep them hidden when we can proudly showcase them. Hanging your favorite paintings and photos on your living room wall never fails to impress. Apart from that, you can use them to lift up the design of your hallway and create a stylish entrance. Also, you can use vases, sculptures, and other elements to show your love for art. Keep in mind that you need to find a balance between using a reasonable number of items and turning your house into a museum. Spread them evenly throughout the house and be sure you’re making a statement by creating connections between them.

Black-and-white contrast

This is a classic combination that works well in the interior and exterior parts of your home. One way to nail this combo is to paint your front door black and outline it with a splash of white. This will create a great, but dramatic entrance into your house. Furthermore, black and white kitchen tiles aren’t just practical, but also present a timeless combination that can become a part of any kitchen. Probably the biggest surprise is the recommendation for using this contrast in your bathroom, but there’s something in playing with shades that makes this function well even in small spaces.

These are some of the most popular timeless interior designs that always keep us going back to them when we want to change something in our home. They’re great for people who don’t like changes and those who don’t have a budget to keep up with the latest trends every year. Turning your living space into a nest and decorating in accordance with your own personal style helps you make it a real home for you and your family, and nothing says family more than consistency in style.

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