guy vacationSummer is around the corner and after waiting for half a year, it’s about time to start thinking about holiday destinations. For the lads, a holiday getaway is perfect for both you and the boys.

Besides, seeing each other often is a hassle and what better way to catch up than to pack your bags and fly halfway across the world or even hit a local destination.

However, before packing your bags, it’s important to choose the perfect holiday destination. The best part about holidays is there’s a location to fit all types of budgets. This is why this guide will take you through a list of the top destinations around the world you must visit.


It’s a girl’s name but don’t mistake its offerings for being girlish. On the contrary, Malia is a top lads destination with numerous activities to keep you busy. You won’t even know when your stay comes to an end.

Located in Greece, Malia is one of the best islands for a holiday and is perfect for those between 18 and 30 because of the abundance of clubs. This means you and your boys will have a non-stop party. In addition, if you’re a fan of the beach, there are acres of beach space where you can lie down and soak in the sunshine during the day.

A quick note goes to the holiday virgins. If you’re looking for the best location for your first-time getaway, Malia should tick all boxes.

The Algarve

Where are you, golf lovers? Because Algarve awaits you with its perfectly mowed golf course. There’s nothing as soothing and relaxing as a game of golf with your lads. Even better is playing the game while on a holiday.

The Portugal embassy is where you may want to get your visa if you want to enjoy a golfing holiday. What’s more, after your golfing session, you take a stroll on the beach and watch the sunset on the horizon as you take in the cool breeze blowing inland.

As the night settles in, you may want to sample the area’s bars and clubs because there are plenty of them decorating the streets in Algarve. During the day, if you’re not on the golf course, make a point to visit the natural mountains.


It would be a serious crime if this holiday destination in Spain wouldn’t make it to the list. You may have already heard of this location for its crazy 24/7 parties and this is exactly what you want to prepare for.

Stop by at the Pacha, Ocean beach Amnesia or Ushuaia clubs for a wild night of partying with your boys. If the clubs don’t cut it for you, take it to the next level with the famous boat parties. While at it, keep your eyes open for famous faces because they frequent the island a lot.

Las Vegas

Gambling fans, this location is perfect for you. In fact, make sure you pack extra cash because Las Vegas is the definition of gambling. Since back in the day, Vegas has always maintained its popularity for being one of the most preferred holiday destinations.

One of the many reasons why Vegas is so highly rated is thanks to Hollywood movies. Renown casinos such as the MGM have played host to numerous blockbuster movies such as Casino Royale and the Hangover. These movies reach a wide audience across the globe, thus inviting holiday hunters to this attractive location.

For the gamblers, plenty of casinos await your touchdown with awesome games such as roulette, blackjack and slots. While you can easily and conveniently play digital versions of these games online, nothing beats stepping into an actual brick-and-mortar casino or poker room and experiencing the games for yourself. Just make sure to educate yourself fully on the gambling laws in the state of Nevada using sites such as before putting your money down on the game tables.


The sun defines summer and perfect holidays. Tenerife enjoys year-round sunshine which makes it the perfect location for those escaping the harsh winter in their countries. Even during winter, Tenerife still enjoys plenty of sunshine.

It’s not the sun alone that’ll light up the holiday with your boys. You have a whole beach strip to chill and soak in the sun’s rays, killer party spots to meet new people and have an amazing time.

Furthermore, the Canary Islands of Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote offer the perfect location for water sports such as jet skiing.


Islands have a thing for holidays and Zante in Greece is no different. You and your lads should pack up and get ready for a wild and crazy stay on the island. To start off, the drink deals available will blow your mind away.

Also, what’s a holiday without clubbing and partying till dawn? Well, you’ll be glad to know Zante has a strip of clubs banging until morning. Your holiday will not be complete unless you join in the fun of the famous foam parties offered at the Zeros nightclub. After your night adventures, make sure you refresh and reset on the Laganas strip.

Sunny Beach

Well, this location doesn’t need any introduction because the name says it all. This Bulgaria location offers you and your crew a chance to take in the sun’s beautiful rays. While at it, enjoy the most insane beer deals for which the destination is known for.

If you get bored at the beach, summon your adventure instincts and head into the waters for an unforgettable experience with the watersports on offer. Get back on land, take a break and head out for a race with your pals on the go-kart or better yet go paintballing for a team building adventure.

As the night kicks in, you may want to refresh and get ready for the nightlife that is about to unfold because crazy doesn’t even come close to describing what you’ll experience.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. A list of the top 5 locations for a guys’ holiday with 2 locations as a bonus. What’s left for you is to choose your preferred destination, book your tickets, head out and have the time of your lives. What are you waiting for?

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