straightening kids teethA flashing smile makes a whole lot of difference to a person’s social interaction. You may be branded as a snob or as a friendly individual just because of the way you smile to others. If you aren’t smiling because of some dental health concerns, some people who may not have known will still brand you unfavorably.

Teeth straightening treats one of the most concerning dental problems, which starts from childhood, the crooked teeth. Dental clinics, with highly-trained dental practitioners, have emerged to make sure that your kid’s visit to the dentist will be comfortable and not scary.

Below are some of the reasons why a kid must maintain straight and healthy teeth:

1. It boosts the confidence level.

Though many factors affect a kid’s confidence level, their appearance is one of those. How the teeth look contributes to your kid’s overall appearance. Uneven teeth alignment may be targeted by bullies and may be the reason for group exclusion.

If this dental concern will be addressed earlier, then this changes the whole picture. Bullies are off, and your kid would have that confidence to talk to anyone around them. A stable self confidence and a positive self image may contribute well to your kid’s success in life as they grow.

2. Deals with depression caused by poor dental hygiene.

There are many depression triggers, but what may be avoided here is the depression that can be caused by how your kid’s teeth look. The inability to establish a strong human connection because they are too embarrassed to smile to others may cause them to feel alone. That negative feeling may lead to various negative thoughts, which would eventually lead to sadness, and might even go beyond depression.

Fixing this hindrance so your kids can get out of their shell may prevent those thoughts. It will help your kid to be more sociable as well. 

3. It improves overall dental health condition.

Misaligned teeth mean that there may be areas of your kid’s teeth that aren’t adequately reached by a toothbrush and even with a floss. If that’s the case, then plaque buildup will not be prevented. Also, those unreached areas will become bacterias’ favorite breeding spots. These two scenarios are known factors of tooth decay, which should be prevented immediately. Addressing the crooked teeth issue, will also push the tooth decay away.

4. It prevents serious oral issues.

The development of oral conditions or problems would trigger their emotions, which will bring them a lot of stress. Due to the negative feelings that will be harnessed because of your kid’s poor teeth appearance, they may likely be exposed to the following conditions:

    • TMJ Disorders
      Temporomandibular joint or TMJ is responsible when a person closes or opens their mouth. Stress can overwork TMJ, that may lead a person to have an inability to open their mouth.
    • Bruxism
      A kid who is uncomfortable in certain situations may clench their teeth. If this becomes a regular manner whenever they’re stressed, then it’s a problem. Too many teeth clenching may lead to cracking of some teeth.

For these conditions to be avoided, straightening those crooked teeth as soon as possible may be the best option for them.

5. It gives way to a comfortable eating experience.

There’s what they call overbite and underbite. An overbite occurs when the upper jaw extends way farther, instead of matching the lower jaw. An underbite is when the lower jaw extends far beyond its usual location, that is to meet the upper jaw. These two may occur when there’s a misalignment of teeth. If either of these happens, it means that your kid may have difficulty chewing their food, thus leading to an uncomfortable eating experience.

Each meal is supposed to be savored and enjoyed, so if you’d like your kid to bid goodbye to this annoying experience caused by crooked teeth, make a schedule for a dental visit.

6. It contributes to a better facial appearance.

The protrusion of either the kid’s lower or upper jaw may cause that noticeable, weird look of deformation. As your kid look at others, they can quickly recognize that there’s something odd about how they look. You kid then may act awkwardly in a crowd, thus, it will make their self-esteem go down. That’s why teeth straightening is important so they won’t be shy to socialize with other people.


There is no such thing as being too late in addressing the crooked teeth of your child. The moment you realize that there may be some misalignments, a dentist consultation should be done immediately.

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  1. Wait until the day comes when we can make the mold for $10, scan it and our face with a webcam, feed the data into an open source orthodontics software that thousands of people have worked on using the latest techniques and best practices; see a preview of how our teeth will look, then print the retainer with our *affordable* open source 3D printer that everyone has (common as, say, a microwave but infinitely more useful). What can a doctor do that the brightest minds around the world crowd sourced, can’t also do?

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