twitterIn the hi-tech age, we all know exactly how effective social media can be. It impacts our personal lives, obviously; however, it has revolutionized the world of business marketing also. A large number of business companies have figured out the benefit of adding social media to their advertising mix.  As far as Twitter is concerned, a considerable number of them have a lingering uneasiness. Twitter includes many fans inside business circles, and the platform delivers exceptional outcomes for the individuals who use it regularly. For businesses which take time to truly realize the value of Twitter, the results are stunning, and at comparatively minimal expenditure also!

Major Benefits of Using Twitter to Develop Your Business

Let’s wrap up some of the significant advantages Twitter would like to offer in order to establish a business.


For penniless small-business owners, utilizing Twitter can be a cost-effective approach to achieve customers and viewpoints worldwide. There is no charge to open and operate a Twitter account. You can send and get tweets by means of smartphones at no cost. Twitter offers additional marketing tools at no or minimal cost.

Target Marketing

With Twitter, you can find individuals who have similar interests which can enable you to target potential customers. For example, if your business is selling model trains, you can effortlessly find other model-train aficionados and “pursue” them. Through networking, you can create your own following and establish long term relationship that can prompt sales.

Offering  Expertise

You can utilize Twitter to launch your expertise in your field.  Undoubtedly, it can help build reliability and lead to capture customers or clients. For instance, if you deal in real estate, you can regularly send tweets that give concise guidelines in various areas. The tips include how to set up your home for sale or how an ongoing change in interest rates may affect home deals.


Twitter enables you to get your message out whenever of day or night without postponements. If you need to convey a significant piece of information that can be of quick advantage to your enthusiasts, you can send a speedy tweet and can achieve a great benefit.

Competitive Intelligence

Having contenders in a specific business, we are justified to think about checking their sales every once in a while. In Twitter, this technique is exceptionally successful. You can utilize Twitter to keep a tab on what your competitors are doing or tweeting to their clients. If it is something that calls for concern, you can react quickly.

To Boost your Brand Awareness

Undoubtedly, this is also another advantage of utilizing Twitter for business. You can enhance your brand awareness online by continually tweeting about improvements inside your business. In the United States alone, the catering industry is growing every year. Twitter can help your catering services to connect and discover new clients. Flavours Catering in Sydney, for instance, is one of the famous brands in the catering industry that especially uses Twitter to give their customers special offers for their luscious foods.

To Promote Your Blog Content

If you are luckily a blogger or you uphold a blog, you can comfortably post blogs about the latest in your business via Twitter. You should simply tweet your blog URLs and you will see an instant increase in traffic.

To Boost SEO

This is another irreplaceable advantage of utilizing Twitter for business. Social signals have been joined in the latest search algorithms updates. So, search engines like Google and Bing have started to pay attention to social media.

Feedback is important to improve

Numerous Australian organizations utilize social media, including Twitter, to welcome online feedback, reviews or remarks. This information is valuable for businesses that need to improve, and furthermore for potential clients doing research for their own purchases.

Conversation on Twitter is real-time

Just like talking to your friends on your Smartphone, Twitter gives you a chance to have an open discussion about your prospects and leads.

Instead of exchanging emails with your clients over weeks, Twitter enables you to converse with your clients in real time and interact with them.


Business owners are regularly being encouraged to connect on Twitter. You’ve heard the great things Twitter can accomplish for your business.

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