Baltic Amber Teething NecklaceI didn’t think that I was going to be one of those moms who got upset each time her child cried. And for a while I was able to let my daughter vent her frustration or just express herself. It only lasted a few minutes then she was asleep or on to the next pretty, bright object in front of her. But teething took its toll on both of us. I found that my mood decline was directly proportionate to her level of discomfort and I knew that we needed to find a solution.

We tried teething rings and chew toys but nothing was really giving her, and by extension the rest of the family, any relief. Her doctor assured me that there was no danger in giving her a little medication such as Motrin to sooth her but I’m not a fan of treating with medications unless it’s a last resort. So I began to explore natural options for not only her discomfort but also the irritability and drooling that was not so becoming.

Old methods have purpose: What I discovered was that ancient cultures had been relying on Baltic amber for centuries for a variety of benefits and one of them was to calm and comfort a teething child. After reading up on the compound called Succinate, I was very open to giving this time tested method a test.

In short, the oil in the beads contains the compound Succinate which has been found to be a pain reliever, as well as providing improved mood and a sense of calming. And all of this occurs as a result of the beads touching the warm skin which absorbs the compound. I figured that I had little to lose and everything to gain if this simple necklace could easy my daughter’s discomfort and help me to regain my smiling, happy toddler.

Our less than scientific trial: When the teething necklace arrived I was eager to give them a try but I really didn’t have any expectations. I was hoping but not counting on a positive result. It took about two days, but I did see a major turnaround. My child who had been grumpy, whiny and not really interested in eating just a few days before was smiling, playing and in overall very good spirits. But in all honesty, I wondered if we had just passed the first hurdle and time had been the actual solution to our issues. But either way I was happy to have my little girl acting like herself and being a joy to spend time with.

A few weeks later, I noticed that there was a new tooth appearing through her gum. It was a little bit swollen but she wasn’t having the issues with drooling or temperament. Nothing else in her little world had changed except for the Baltic amber beads that she had been wearing so I have to believe that the old world solution is still the best option out there. We have made it through several more teeth and had nothing close to the experience we had with the first few. And I am sure enough that the beads are the solution to freely admit that I have ordered two more strands just to be well prepared in the event of an accident with the original one.

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