gift for husbandHave you ever noticed that sometimes the tiniest gesture makes the greatest difference? Especially in marriage relationships, it is important for partners to intentionally express care and appreciation for one another. But this can be difficult when life feels so busy and hectic!

One simple way to brighten your man’s day is with a thoughtful gift–not for a special occasion–just because! He will love knowing that you’re thinking of him, even when it is not a holiday. If you are looking for a new way to say “I love you,” here are six wonderful suggestions to get you started. If you cannot find a suitable present on this list, check out this article for other inspiring gift ideas for your husband.

1. High-End Consumables

Pick your guy’s favorite food or drink and find a gourmet version of it! You really cannot go wrong with a consumable gift and the possibilities are endless. Some unusual candies, a bag of premium roasted coffee, or a six-pack of craft beers are also fantastic ideas.

2. A Shaving Kit

While it is typically women who treat themselves to bubble baths and face masks, men still deserve some pampering. One great way to add some luxury to your husband’s routine is to give him a nice shave set. He may not shop for high-quality shaving products himself, so this gift is particularly thoughtful. The high-quality tools in a kit like this one will make a significant difference in his daily routine. Plus, he will be reminded of your love for him every time he uses it. That is a win for everyone!

3. A Multitool

For whatever reason, men seem to gravitate toward these pocket multitools. Maybe they like knowing that they have a tool for any possible situation, or maybe they just like having something with which to fidget. Regardless, this makes a great “just because” gift for your husband, since he’s sure to pull it out every time there is a box needing to be opened or a string needing to be snipped. It is a simple, yet practical, gift that shows that you are thinking of him.

4. A Fill in the Love Journal

If you are feeling a bit sentimental or romantic, a personalized gift like this little book could be the perfect gift. Fill in the blanks and follow the prompts to document all of your favorite things about your man and all of the reasons you love him. This is the perfect opportunity to say things you may not say as often as you should, and you will both be able to look back at it for years to come.

5. Magazine Subscriptions

While not always thought of, magazine subscriptions make great gift ideas for your husband. Not only are they gifts that last all year, but they are gifts that are easily tailored to your man’s personality. What are his hobbies? Whether he is into traveling, fitness, computers, or cooking, there is a magazine for him! This is such a nice way to let him know you support him and all of the things that make him unique.

6. MoviePass

When is the last time you and your guy had a real date night? MoviePass makes a great gift since it not only allows movie-goers to see a new movie every day, but it also creates easy date nights with minimal planning! Pick a date, pick a movie you would both like to see, and just show up to the theater. This is a gift that communicates how much you enjoy spending time with your guy, and that you are still into dating him even though you are married. Plus, if he wants to go see the newest gory action movie while you check out a hilarious comedy, that is a totally valid option, too.

Regardless of what “just because” gift you choose for your guy, like best fitness gifts for him,the thought behind it is what matters most. Hopefully, these gift ideas for your husband inspire you to surprise your man with a gift, even when it is not an anniversary or birthday. He is sure to be encouraged by the kind gesture–it might mean more to him than you realize!

And if you wanna splurge but you’re on a budget, you can make some extra cash in creative ways!

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