trampoline injuriesMany parents have at least considered the idea of buying a trampoline for their kids. It would be strategically situated in their backyard, encouraging children to go out for some fresh air. It would be a great tool for burning extra calories, keeping them active and engaged for extended periods. They consider how trampolines were quite popular some years back, until they remember the serious injuries that started being reported. If you are one of these parents, you should know that trampolines are beginning to make a comeback as the designs of modern trampolines have not only made the product more stable and reliable, but also safer.

Springfree Trampoline is one of the companies at the forefront of trampoline engineering and safety. They have set the pace in terms of industry standards for quality, ensuring that they themselves duly meet those standards. Their innovative and game changing trampoline design has removed the dangers they found were causing the injuries that occurred when children were playing on traditional trampolines. As suggested by their name, their trampoline is spring-less utilizing flexible composite rods that offer a soft, non-jarring bounce. The rods are completely out of harm’s way because they’re situated underneath the jumping surface so there is simply no way for anyone to come into contact with them.

A trampoline with enclosure technology is going to be safer than the alternative, as keeping children from contact with the ground is a major way to reduce injury. The trampoline’s FlexiNet enclosure is supported by these same composite rods that direct the jumper safely back to the middle of the mat should they jump too far. While the mat of a traditional trampoline has a high probability of wearing down after a few short years, this trampoline’s SoftEdge mat is both durable and extra shock absorbent, with added UV resistance.

This is a company that procures the highest quality materials from around the world, using their own specialist suppliers and does not outsource their parts, rigorously testing each part for quality. Each frame is assembled in house, and every trampoline is independently inspected to guarantee buyer satisfaction. 

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  1. Great article on safe trampolines and using safety enclosures! Other trampoline manufacturers also produce safe products and should be of interest. If your readers are looking for safe, fun, affordable, top quality trampolines for children and adults please consider: JumpSport is an American made trampoline manufacturer that puts safety first. You can get them with safety enclosures. They also have some of the longest warranties in the industry and last for years.

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