wedding winterIf you’re currently reading this article, you’re more than likely considering your winter wedding options and how viable an outdoor wedding is during one of the colder seasons. You may seem alone in waiting an outdoor winter wedding but be rest assured; you’re not the first nor the last couple to want to have their ceremony in the cold weather! We know it can be difficult deciding on your wedding scene which is why we have put together some pros and cons of having an outdoor wedding in the winter.

Pro: Snow looks great in pictures

If it tends to snow in your state during the winter months, the outdoor wedding pictures will look amazing in the scenery. Finding somewhere with mountains or beautiful picturesque views is sure to make the whole day a lot better. Plus, the snow can blend with all wedding gowns including plus size wedding dresses for some candid pictures. It’s the day every bride wishes for.

Con: The weather is COLD

Winter speaks for itself when it snows, and the wind has a considerable chill. It will be cold on your big day, and if you’re choosing to have the ceremony outside, there is no way you can rock any little mermaid wedding dresses. It’s going to have to be a long bridal dress with an overall to keep you warmed up. You don’t have to wear the extra warmth when you’re walking down the aisle but beware of the chill.

Pro: Family atmosphere

Friends and family are some of the most precious in our lives, having them around on your wedding day will warm up your heart. The winter weather may be a little chilly, but everyone is sure to be in high spirit any loving every minute of your romantic princess wedding, so it’s going to be shining smiles in the guest crowd.

Con: Restricted on decorations

The weather during the winter season is unpredicted which means it’s better to say clear of paper decorations that can easily be destroyed. It may be that you have to keep your beautiful decorations to a minimum to assure they will all be there as you say your vows. Any decorations attached to chairs are great as they don’t tend to blow away when there is wind. But you can forget decorations that are dainty and pretty – they won’t work for a winter wedding.

Pro: Great lightening

Outdoor lighting is always better for the photos (unless it’s very sunny which is unlikely in the winter!). This means your photographer is sure to love your choice of scenery as it will be super easy to get amazing photos for the photo album.

Con: Limited sound space

Unfortunately, when you have speakers outside, it’s difficult for them to project sound properly which means it may be limited. While this isn’t a huge issue, it does bother some couples as they like to have louder music at their ceremony.

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