Mother's Day travelMom has gotten her fair share of flowers, brunches and homemade cards. How about making it a fun and interactive weekend for her that creates not only lasting memories for her but for the whole family too?

Check out some of my ideas for how to entertain every mom on your list this year with a personalized weekend adventure!

  • Gardener – Visit a well known botanical garden and then visit a nursery to have her pick out some new garden goodies.
  • Kitchen Commando –  Love to cook? Take mom to a cooking class and perhaps a cooking school where the students create fabulous pre-fixe meals for patrons. Then pop over to her favorite cooking supply store and let her go on a mini shopping spree.
  • Fashionista – Hook mom up with a personal shopper at a store of her choice so she can create a look or 2 that make her feel her best. Jazz it up with a fancy lunch or dinner in a trendy area and make her feel like a star!
  • Indulgence – Moms work hard and sometimes a spa weekend is in order. Take mom to indulge in a spa day or, if possible, a spa weekend getaway at a great resort.
  • Water sports enthusiast – How about a day of scuba driving, surfing, paddleboarding or a trip down the whitewater in a kayak.
  • Home decorator – Jump in the car and visit local antique shops ot head to that cool town you’ve heard of where the shopping is great ; )
  • Head in the clouds – Does mom like the view from up high? Try hot air ballooning or sky diving.
  • Outdoor gal – How about a family hike or camping trip? Houseboating is also a fun way to get the fam together to enjoy a unique getaway experience!
  • Sports chic– Get tickets to her team’s game, play some golf, whatever her sports persuasion, gather the family and do it together.
  • Dancing Queen – Was mom a dancer? Treat her to dinner and dancing and make a fun evening of it for all!
  • Drama queen – Nothing beats dinner and a show, taking mom to a local theatre production is always a fun treat.
  • Dare devil – Try rappelling, zip lining or spelunking
  • Wine lover- Try a wine tasting with mom and buy her a bottle she falls in love with!

There are so many options to tailor a fun day or weekend trip for mom to make it a healthy, eco and budget-friendly as well as memorable Mother’s Day!

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