family rv road tripSure, flying off to some exotic destination is luxurious, but there’s nothing like a good old road trip. It’s a convenient and affordable way to take a tour of the country while taking in some of the country’s most amazing sites. If you’re counting down the days until you’re upcoming road trip, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is your safety. As there are a lot of details to take into consideration, creating a detailed checklist will ensure you are well prepared for the journey ahead.

Check Your Driving Record

You’re going to be traveling for miles across city and state lines. Making sure that your driving record is intact is imperative to ensure your road trip doesn’t get cut short by a traffic stop. Check with your local motor vehicle’s division to check the status of your driver’s license and registration.

If you need to pay traffic tickets, surcharges, or update your registration, take care of all of these things before leaving. If you’ve been in trouble with the law for things like DUI, it may be necessary for you to have an interlock device installed to restore your driving privileges. You can do a simple online search for interlock device installations near me to get it done before hitting the road.

Review Your Insurance Coverage

Accidents happen every second. The longer you’re on the road the more likely it is that you could end up getting in an accident. While good driving skills and following road safety tips will reduce the likelihood of an accident happening, you’ll want adequate insurance coverage. Review your policy to ensure that it covers you, your passengers, and your vehicle fully. Also, make sure there is a copy of your insurance card in your vehicle along with your registration.

Keep Luggage Secure

Whether you’re packing a few duffel bags or you have several sets of luggage that need to be packed for the road trip it needs to be secured. Loose luggage could be a distraction for the driver. If you plan on securing the luggage to the outside of the car such as the rooftop or truck bed, you’ll want to make sure you have the right devices to keep it from falling off or slipping around. You can invest in a luggage rack or truck bed liner to solve this problem.

Pack Basic Car Maintenance/Repair Supplies

You’re going to be putting quite a few miles on your vehicle during your road trip. Even if you’ve taken a good safety precaution by visiting a mechanic prior to your getaway, there’s still a chance something could go wrong. Be that as it may, not all car issues require a mechanic to fix. If you have the right supplies on hand, you can take care of it yourself. Be sure to pack fluids like antifreeze and transmission fluid. You should also have a funnel and a few basic car tools on hand.

Road trips can be a lot of fun – as long as you’re prepared. The reality is, you’re going to be spending a lot of time on the road. Your safety, therefore, should be a top priority. Along with general safety tips you may have written down, be sure to add the above-mentioned to the list to ensure a fun yet safe ride.

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