Living with Your ParentsLife happens, and sometimes you are on the receiving end of an unfortunate situation you can’t avoid. It may be financial, personal, a temporary necessity between buying a house, or other reason, but you could find yourself without a home. As much as you may not want to, the only solution may be to move back in with your parents.

It’s okay. You’re not the only one living with your parents past the age of 30. But if you are, you should follow these 7 golden rules for compromising and making this as easy of a time as possible.

7 Golden Rules to Go By When You Live With Your Parents (Still or Again)

1. Bring in an income. If possible, find a way to keep working even if you have moved out of your previous environment. Bringing in an income will help you to avoid feeling sorry for yourself and minimize any possible resentment on the side of your parents.

2. Help out with groceries and utilities. You are no longer a child, so your parents are not responsible for feeding and clothing you. They’re putting a roof over your head, and the least that you can do is offer to help out with everything else. Even if you don’t have an income, you can offer to go to the grocery store with them, bag the purchases, and load and unload them. Find a way to do your part.

3. Clean! Keep your own living area clean, do your laundry, wash the dishes, and grab the vacuum cleaner regularly. You’d be doing all of this in your own home, so why not step up and do it for your parents?

4. Find a way to socialize. Join a club, go to a movie if money permits, take regular walks, and in general find a way to get out of the house. Your parents probably once enjoyed the quiet time while you were gone and, even if they protest otherwise, it’s a good idea to keep some space between you all occasionally.

5. Hire a mover to help you relocate. Don’t expect your parents to jump in and box up your possessions, load them in a moving truck, and do the heavy work for you. A moving company like Matco Movers can do it all for you with less stress and keep the boxes organized for an easy transition.

6. Don’t hesitate to show your appreciation. For most parents, the ultimate success in their parenting roles is when their children finally appreciate them. If your parents are letting you live in their homes after you are past the age of 30 (or 18!), you have a special situation in which you should try to notice the little things and show and tell them how much you appreciate everything they are doing for you.

7. Spend time with them. Yes, you want to let them have their space, but eventually, the goal is for you to move back out on your own. Enjoy the time you have with your parents. All good things must come to an end.

It Doesn’t Have to be Forever

Whatever the circumstances were that landed you back home with your parents, you can overcome them. Use this opportunity to build a firmer foundation than you had previously and, if it was an unexpected situation, learn from your mistakes to make your next opportunity on your own a resounding success.

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