african safariWhile you may think that active, outdoor safaris are synonymous with youngsters, it’s fair to say that packages are becoming increasingly popular among older travellers.

This has arguably triggered a rise in demand for luxury trips, with Africa safari specialists and similar providers supplying a compelling array of safari holiday package suited to older adventurists,

We must also consider that the so-called ‘grey pound’ controls most of America’s wealth, so older customers can certainly afford high-end excursions. Here are some additional reasons why this makes perfect sense to book a luxury safari.

The Need to Minimise Jet-lag

Now, we’re well aware that physical fitness does not always correlate with age, but as a general rule older travellers will need to conserve energy ahead of their safari trip.

This is particularly true in the case of walking safaris, while the high temperatures and humidity can take their toll on the human body.

As a result, older travellers will benefit from a luxury trip as this can include first or business class flights with the optimal leg-room and level of comfort.

Similarly, older travellers may want to schedule flights that include a rest stop on the way to their chosen safari destination. This will also incur an additional cost, but it can deliver genuine rewards when you land refreshed and ready for your African bush adventures!

Making Comfort the Key Watchword

We’ve touched on the importance of comfort, and this is a key consideration for older travellers when they travel to Africa.

This is another compelling reason to book a luxury package, as this will most likely include high-end lodges and accommodation that are large, comfortable and relatively secluded. Another option is to book a vacation home rental, where you’ll have the freedom of feeling like home.

This equips travellers with several of the home comforts that they’re already used to, including air con and extremely comfortable mattresses. At the same time, they’ll be able to enjoy fine dining experiences at a luxury resort, with various tastes catered for at most high-end outlets.

Not only this, but luxury resorts are usually tranquil and located just outside the main game viewing area. This will guarantee a sound night’s sleep and help you to recharge your batteries at the end of a long day!

Booking Off-season can Save Money on Luxury Trips

While families are often restricted in terms of when they can visit an African safari, the same cannot be said for older travellers and those who have reached retirement age.

In this instance, customers have the flexibility to travel whenever they like, including during the off-season when resorts are quieter and tend to experience lower demand.

While this can impact on the quality of your trip, there are many cases where the difference between the high and low season is negligible, and this means that you may be able to book a luxury trip at a reduced price without compromising on your chances of seeing an abundance of wildlife.

Just be sure to speak to your provider in order to determine the availability and viability of such deals, and don’t be afraid to ask directly if they’re not available!

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