spain road trip tipsSpain is a beautiful country to visit. With its history, its culture and its many suggestions, it is definitely a European pearl to be discovered! Today we are going to list the main routes for your Spain road trip enlisting the most authentic and precious places for a road trip to remember. Let’s do this.


This is a mandatory stop that can be easily used as a starting point for your road trip experience. Barcelona is rich in entertainment, art, museums and iconic famous movida for an exciting stop.


One of the most modern Spanish cities, Valencia is located at 3 hours from Barcelona and deserve a visit. Between the old and the new, this city offers you the chance to enjoy a blend of modern and local cuisine too. Here you can taste the famous Paella Valenciana. The jewel of the Mediterranean is well known for its clubs and vibrant nightlife and crazy day activities like Karting, Catamaran cruises, and jet skiing. No wonder its capital of fun and one of  Europes most desired stag do destinations. You definitely don’t want to miss it!


Granada is an authentic beauty and one of the most precious gems of the country. Alhambra is one of its highlights and together with the Generalife and the Albayzín district of Granada was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984.


Seville is where you will be able to catch the most traditional and authentic side of Spain: from joyful colors, spicy smells, art in every corner, flamencos, tapas, sangria and astonishing views, once you will get there you will definitely feel like lost in a beautiful dream!


This little town is full of history and will help you realize something more about the ancient culture and Arabic influences. The famous Mezquita/Catedral is the main center of the city, a unique place to catch a glimpse of some Arabian Nights vibes.


Not so common among tourists, Toledo is a very romantic and full of history place to see. Toledo is an ancient medieval city that, besides its need to change and to get modern and suitable for living, still cherish an old-fashioned soul. Its Alcazar is its main highlight and a wonderful place for astonishing views.

Rent a car to start your Spain road trip

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These are just a few of the amazing cities you can find for a wonderful road trip. If you have some more time available you can even extend your trip getting to Zaragoza and Madrid that could be used as a finishing point of your road trip and your first step to your way back home.

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