sustainable tripTraveling is one of life’s great pleasures and most people love it. But as much as we love to travel all over the world, it also carries some responsibilities. For years, the human being has traveled as if the Earth were his own, sometimes destroying everything he touched in his path. Fortunately, we have recently become aware that the nature around us must be respected and we’ve learned to take care of the environment (at least some of us).

To plan sustainable and ecological holidays, the first thing we have to learn is to travel without leaving traces. Whether it’s a long-distance route or a short walk, we must accustom ourselves to carrying as little luggage as possible and producing no waste. The eco-friendly movement has helped to establish the ideas of a more sustainable world, and as a result many hotels and companies have adapted their services for a greener future. Before selecting your holidays, make sure that the chosen company meets these conditions.

Occasionally, some destinations offer help to the local community, which can be a good starting point to you, if you want to collaborate with community projects, in addition to the enjoyment of the trip. If you decide to explore the culture of some particular area, make sure you know their habits, traditions and customs well, and be respectful towards their way of life. The principal idea is to generate the least possible impact on every place you visit.

Therefore, it’s also better to travel alone or with only a few persons. The more people concentrated in a habitat, the more transformation it undergoes. As well, always try to reuse bottles, plates, cutlery and other objects and, as far as you can, to recycle them. When it comes to hygiene and personal care products, such as creams, deodorants or soaps, the best way is to use organic and chemical-free stuff.

These are just a few steps to take, but we can all contribute to make this world more sustainable and a better place to live in.

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  1. That’s such a unique post, traveling to a place with all greenery, this is an amazing share IM a travel freak and I have been to places where there is no dirt at all but I cannot find any greenery thanks for the valuable info.

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