airflowDo you love just sitting back and chilling out while watching a film? If you do, you’re not the only one, after all, the film business wouldn’t be so big if people didn’t love getting lost in movies.

But, the world of film is changing, and changing rapidly. With the rise of Netflix and other streaming services hot on their heels, more and more people are opting to wait until the latest releases are available in their living room. We’re also getting treated to new movies being released first on these platforms, you only have to look at the success of Birdbox to see this.

With this in mind, it would only make sense that in today’s ‘home first’ film viewing world, that you make yourself a little home cinema set up. But how? Let us talk you through it.

The Room

Firstly, you’ll need the room. If you have a spare bedroom, attic, or even a dining room that’s never dined in – it’s time to turn it into a cinema room. Before you get started, make sure you stock up on everything you need, from paint and cordless tools to chairs and any wood you may need.

We suggest painting the room a dark colour to prevent any light, and maybe opt for blackout curtains for that true cinema feel. Oh, and make sure there are spotlights and comfy chairs of course.

The Screen

The main thing here is the screen because you don’t want to be watching on a tiny screen. Because of this, you should have a big wall that you can make the most of. This is perfect for placing a massive TV for that immersive experience.

If you can’t afford a huge screen then what about a projector? This can be easily attached to the ceiling and a laptop to stream, or DVD player, and projected on to the big wall (if this is the case, then keep the wall white where the screen will show).


The first accessory you should invest in is a bit of voice-activated tech, like an Alexa. This will allow you to dim lights, turn up the volume, pause films or turn them off without having to leave your seat. Adding to that truly magical experience. A surround sound will also help.

Then you’ll need snacks. For this buy a popcorn machine to keep in the room and get a mini fridge that you can stock with soft drinks, beers, wine and other delicious snacks. Maybe even get a small freezer for that all important ice cream.

If you want to go that extra mile, then why not fit some amazing curtains that you can pull back before the film starts. Now all you have to do is invite your friends over and let the film night fun begin.

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