outdoor adventure safetyThe summer vacations can be a time of relaxation for your family, and this can mean that you and your family struggle to stay active throughout the summer. However, by combining your summer get away with adventure, you will be able to keep your family active throughout the summer months.

Stay Within a National Park

Wherever you go, each country is home to an astonishing array of beautiful National Parks for you to explore. From the major National Parks such as Yosemite and Yellowstone in the USA to the Lake District in the UK, each National Park is full of some of the best landscapes that the world has to offer. These National Parks also often offer exciting activities such as water sports and trekking which can help to keep your family fit and healthy over the summer months.

To access these National Parks, you should consider the benefits of staying within them as this will help you to get close to nature and encourage you to explore more of your surroundings. Amberley House Cottage Holidays provide beautiful and central accommodation in the UK’s lesser-known South Downs National Park, home to hills and landscapes which are perfect for activities such as walking.

Try New Activities

Vacations are the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone and try out activities that you wouldn’t at home. Activities such as water sports are perfect for the summer season and are popular near many of the most famous vacation resorts. Locations such as California, France, and Mexico are known for their surfing, for example, and visiting these mean that you can combine some poolside relaxation with the exhilaration of water sports. Other activities which can help you to get active on holiday include swimming, which you can even enjoy from inside resorts and near to local accommodation in many areas.

Explore Your Surroundings

You should also take the opportunity to explore your local surroundings as much as possible, which can help you and your family to stay fit and active without even noticing it. Walking around on vacation and sight-seeing, such as visiting old ruins and cities- and even looking around museums, can help to boost your step count and keep you energized. What’s more, children will often create their own entertainment on vacation to keep active, such as playing football or imaginative games.

Go on a Sporting Vacation

There are also many specialized vacations that are popular, including skiing and cycling, and these can help you to explore new places with the purpose of learning a new sport. If you do not want to apply for a pre-created tour, there are many ways that you can plan your own routes and maps for a sporting holiday, such as using online resources and guides that describe the best routes to cycle and travel through.

Attend an Event

If you need the encouragement of others to enjoy an active vacation, you should consider attending a sporting or active event. These can include marathons such as the Great Wall Marathon, sailing competitions and charity run events.

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