fathers day gift guide healthy voyagerThere’s always talk about guys showering their women with gifts – which is great. Yet, guys too love to be showered with tokens of affection from their ladies. The idea that you thought of them enough to spend your time investing in something to make them smile, boosts their self-esteem and opens up the doors for an even closer relationship. The presents don’t have to be expensive, extravagant, or even monetary, sometimes, for men, it’s also the thought that counts.

If you love the idea of showering that special guy in your life with gifts or you’re looking for ways to improve your relationship, you’ll love these ideas:

Think of His Hobbies

When you’re looking for a way to put a smile on your man’s face consider his hobbies. What is it that he enjoys doing during his downtime? If he likes to play video games, for instance, buying a new game, a gaming chair, headphones, controllers, Bluetooth technology, or other devices to enhance his gaming experience would be thoughtful. If he’s into listening to music like old records, perhaps you invest in vinyl accessories like a record player case, new needles, record storage or cleaning supplies to make it more enjoyable.

Think of His Health

What better way to let someone know you care about them than to care for their health? Whether your guy is as fit as a fiddle or struggling with health issues you can provide gifts that let him know you care. Pay for his next month of a gym membership, buy him new workout gear, or invest in other health and fitness products to help him maintain his health. If he’s struggling with something like diabetes, for instance, you could buy a glucose monitor, pay for a nutritionist, go to healthy cooking classes together, buy him sugar-free treats, etc.

Think of His Sense of Style

Women aren’t the only ones who like shopping for clothes, shoes, and the latest fashions. Guys love it too. They want to look good and know that their girlfriends find them attractive. So, whether your guy is the trendiest dresser you know or he could use a little help, buying fashionable items for him is appreciated. If you notice he just bought a new pair of jeans, why not hop online and buy comfortable shoes for men to pair with those pants? If all he wears are sweats and dad jeans, then why not pick out something a bit more trendy and tell him you’d love to see him in it?

Think of His Personal Development

Another way to let your man know you’re thinking of him is to consider his personal development. Is there something he’s been wanting to learn or do? Are there goals he has lined up? Is there something he’s struggling with that he’d like to change? If he has always wanted to face his fear of heights, a helicopter ride around the city or a trip to an overlook would help. If he was interested in learning more about computers, invest in classes or books. Any gift that will help him become a better person is worth investing in.

Gift-giving is a very natural and welcomed in a healthy relationship – on both ends. Your guy most certainly would love for you to spoil him just a bit as this is an expression of love and appreciation. Rather than going the traditional route and buying a tie, cologne, or a toolbox (unless he likes those things), step outside the box and consider the above factors to decide on a gift that will make him smile.

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