airflowMany of us love a traditional home style, often associating it with feeling calm, cosy and comfortable. However, it can be hard to create if you live in a modern house. But have no fear! We have some tips and tricks that will give you’re home that classic feel in no time.

Get Cozy with a Fireplace

The fireplace was first designed back in the Middle Ages, in order to make and retain heat in the home. It is still a desirable feature today, with many traditional homes installing fireplaces in their living rooms. Period properties often have fireplaces in bedrooms too, as this was once the only heat source. In order to create a traditional feel in your home, consider investing in an electric fire, gas fire or log burner. Not only will this add period charm, it will also keep you feeling warm and cosy in those winter months. Win, win!

Wow with Wood

Natural woods such as oak are the key to creating a classic feel. There are lots of ways to incorporate wood into your home décor, so be creative! Aged solid wood flooring is a great place to start and can instantly transform a room. Then, fill your space with beautiful wooden furniture to match such as a sideboard, coffee table or bookcase. You can often find vintage pieces at second hand stores or car boot sales with beautiful classic carving details. If they don’t quite match, upcycle! You can finish pieces with darker stains to give them a new lease of life.

Classic Curtains and Shutters

A window cornice or valance will instantly give your home a traditional feel. These are an ornamental framework of wood or fabric around the upper part of the window, from which curtains drape. Go for full length pleated curtains in classic patterns such as floral or Jacobean tapestry. To complete the look, draw the curtains away from the window using tie-backs with tassels. If you don’t have room for full length curtains, modern shutters are also a great option as they create a classic feel but take up much less space. Opt for full height wooden shutters from a company such as Direct Blinds, who provide premium quality options.

Understated Colour Scheme

To create a traditional style, ensure you use light tones to compliment darker wooden furnishings. Neutral tones on walls always work well such as walnut, peach, beige, cream or soft white. These warm hues also create a friendly and inviting feel so you can snuggle down and relax. Experiment with pops of colour in your accessories such as cushions, throws, candles, lamps, picture frames and vases. The key here is to use classic accent colours such as emerald green, ruby red, gold or royal blue.

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