quick beauty tipsIt’s one of those classic catch 22s – we all want to wear just the right amount of make-up so that we look like we’re not wearing any make-up! Sure, some big nights out necessitate a full face of cosmetics that features fake lashes and a big bold lip. However, most days we just want to look fresh and attractive without looking like we are obviously made up.

Applying makeup for a natural look can actually be quite difficult, because it requires a light touch and a certain degree of skill. The good news? You can practice this look quickly and easily at home, and make slight adjustments that work for you.

Follow these 8 simple steps for an effortlessly pretty and natural look.

1. Start with clean, fresh skin

The first step is deceptively simple. In order for your makeup to look and feel its best, you need to start with fresh and clean skin. When your skin is soft, dewy and exfoliated properly, your make-up will blend into your skin easily.

Wash your face regularly with a gentle and effective cleanser, and gently buff with a fine grain exfoliant. Wash every trace of cleanser away with warm water, and buff with a clean cloth.

2. Hydrate and even out your skin tone with tinted moisturizer

Now that your skin is cleansed, it is imperative that it is moisturized and hydrated. A lightly tinted moisturizer is the most natural way to keep your skin plump and smooth, all while evening out your skin tone.

3. Conceal blemishes, pigmentation, and minor breakouts

Your skin’s tone should now be even and smooth, and so now it is time to conceal any blemishes or dark circles. A great way to do this is to mix a little bit of your moisturizer into your foundation or concealer, creating a more sheer version of either. This will give your skin a dewy, natural glow.

4. Add a dusting of face powder (if needed)

If you find that your skin tends to get shiny or oily throughout the day, you can now add a light dusting of an oil-absorbing powder. This will mattify your skin and set your foundation and concealer for the rest of the day. Use a big powder brush and apply your face powder in a circular motion, taking care to leave only a veil of powder and not a cakey, powdery look.

5. Add a nice, warm cheek colour

Nothing makes you look healthier or more full of life than a rosy cheek. A cream blush is one of the best ways to apply a natural flush to your cheeks, making you look refreshed and pretty.

Stick to warm peaches and subtle pinks. A cool pink or red blush will make you look decidedly made-up – not what you are going for with this look!

6. Define your eyes, using natural daylight

Heavily made up eyes can look overdone and overworked – nothing says ‘make-up’ more than a darkly lined eye! If you want your eyes to look defined and subtle, use a soft brown eyeliner.

Set up a mirror next to the window, and use natural light to ensure that you aren’t applying your eyeliner with too heavy a hand.

7. Add a hint of color to your lips

One of the biggest secrets of achieving a natural makeup look is to choose a shade that nearly matches the color of your lips, and press it into your lips with your fingertips. If you want to make the most of your on-trend matte lipsticks, use a fluffy little brush, and mix the lipstick with some primer. Buff this into your lips to create a long-lasting, natural lip look.

8. Make sure that your lashes pop

If you only use one item of makeup, it should be your mascara. You can forfeit a lot of different makeup products, but your mascara makes your eyes really pop and look their best.

Use a soft black or dark brown mascara, and gently pull from the lash line to the tips. Apply your mascara as usual, and then roll a cotton bud or pad along your lashes to remove some of the excess product. The result is a subtle and pretty mascara look.

Wrap Up

Keep things soft, pretty, and natural with these 8 steps for a natural makeup look.

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