hair extensionsHair extension emerges as a recent and latest way of adding instant length and volume to a person’s natural hair. The hair extensions provide you a look you always wished for. The hair extensions are of various kinds, types, material, and even quantity. Now, there are hair extensions in a different color also so, if anyone is interested to enjoy a showy look they can for it too.

Curly Hair Extensions:

The curly hair extensions are widely used among women. Many people suggest that the curly hair extensions are a better option than straight hair extensions. This is because usually most of them are made up of pure human hair material which causes less harm and damage to a user’s hair and is more realistic in nature.

The curly hair extension when blends with natural hair give an extremely lively look. There are two different methods of making the curly hair extensions.

First is the chemical method while the other is the steaming method. Among the various methods of applying for curly hair extension, the clip-in hair extension method is very effective. The reason behind is that the clip-in hair extension is very easy to install and remove. Moreover, they are maintained easily by performing quick steps. This includes removing the tangles after pulling them out.

It is good to comb them and remove all sorts of tangles because the presence of tangles can damage or even tear your hair extensions. The clip-in hair extensions are washed once in a month or whenever the user thinks that they are covered with oil. It is also important to remember that the clip-in hair extension should be awash in a sink with warm water.

The user must use sulfur-free shampoo and conditioner. This is because it helps to cause less damage to the extension and also provides them moisturizer so; they don’t get dull and dry. The clip-in extensions are required to be washed once they are completely dry. It is strictly prohibited to brush the extensions when they are wet because it leads to breakage of hair extensions. 

Another essential thing which should be remembered while using curly clip-in extension is that they should be moisturized properly and over styling should be avoided. It is also important to note that since these extensions use the clip, it is suggested and advice to remove them before going to bed. This is because the clips get into the hair scalp and cause harm to it. If these extensions are well-taken care so, they can be used for a prolonged period of time.

Ways to Add Extra Curls to your Curly Hair Extensions:

Have inserted the curly hair extensions and wants to add more to increase the volume of your hair?  If you are a beginner then you might have no idea about how to add extra curls to your curly hair extensions. If your answer is a YES! Then no need to worry because we are going to tell you how this is going to be done. The points described below will provide you the ultimate guideline about adding extra curls to your curly hair extensions. Have a look:

1.      Wash your hair:

The first basic step is to wash your curly clip in hair extension properly with a mild and balance shampoo. The hair specialist Redway suggests that it is good to start the process by rinsing the hair. After washing the hair apply some amount of conditioner also to for moisturization.

2.      Use Flexi rod to produce curls:

As mentioned earlier that curls are produced in two ways i.e. by chemicals or by steaming process. The chemical process is done used by people but as it can cause harm to hair it is advised to the used flex rod to produce curls. The user first selects the number of curls they are willing to add because it determines the size of the flexible rod. Once the user has decided how much quantity of hair he wishes to add then the hair are wrapped around the rod to produce the desired results. According to Redway, it is good if you use a conditioning gel to lock the ends of the hair and then diffused it with a blow dryer.

3.      Add Extensions:

The next very important step is of adding the extra curly hair extensions. As soon as the hair becomes completely dry it is suggested to remove the flex rod and start inserting the curly extensions. Redway advises using untreated hair extensions by Boho Exotic Studio. To insert the extensions first part the hair with a rat-tailed comb or simply do backcombing where you are required to insert the extensions. Use a hairspray to make your hair settled.

4.      Insert as many clips as you want:

Since your main target is to add extra curls to your curly hair extension hence you simply insert as many clips as you want to get instant volume and length.

5.      Blend your hair properly:

This is an important step as it assures that your hair extension gives you a natural look. You need to blend your hair properly and as much as you can because you have added extra curls so, it is essential that you blend them accurately to enjoy a natural look.

Adding curly hair extension or extra curls is not a difficult task. The only thing is one should the correct steps and should have command on doing so. If you are also thinking to add extra curls to your curly hair extension then what are you waiting for???!

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