home exteriorMany people aspire to own a place they could call home. For most people, a house only becomes a home when it feels safe, warm, and cosy. There are several ways to make a house feel like a home. One really simple and affordable way is to use lights. Home lighting can completely transform a room to feel fresh and cozy.

When transforming your home, there are a few things to consider.

1. Different Rooms Need Different Lights

Not all rooms are made the same. Some rooms are north or south facing, hence making them receive less sunlight during the day. Other rooms are shaped awkwardly in such a way that the lighting does not evenly spread across the entire room. For rooms facing the east and west, make good use of the natural sunlight by finding creative ways to let the light in. One such way is by having large windows.

The common misconception about bedrooms is that they are typically for sleeping, and there is no need to light them up properly. On the contrary, bedrooms are some of the best places that make a home feel warm, safe, and cosy. They require different types of lights for different moods.

2. Types of Lights & Lamps

Most of the lamps below can be set-up by yourself. You could either purchase a ready-made lamp or build one yourself by getting parts from reputable retailers such as Spares2You. Spares2You has a large stock of various lamp holders, fixtures, and lighting accessories. 

  • Pendant Lights – these are stylish lights that add drama to your room. They also come in different styles. Choose a pendant that fits your personality. Modern restaurants and cafes have adopted these types of lighting because of how easy and affordable they are while being fashionable.
  • Recessed Lights – these kinds of lights are best suited for large spaces like the living room. You may have seen them in places like large grocery stores and warehouses. Use this sparingly at home to prevent producing a flat, dull, uniform look.
  • Sconces – these play with light and shade. These lamps are usually fixed on a wall with the illumination facing upward, downward, or both while maintaining a shaded area around the fixture itself. It creates contrast in a room.
  • String Lights – these lights are fun to create and look at. They can be created by combining cables and strings with small lamp holders. The result looks like Christmas lights without all the different colours. String lights work best to decorate small places like the bed, a window, or a passage.

3. Light up The Corners

Corners tend to get less light than any part of a room. Light up dark corners with table lamps and standing lamps.

Armed with proper lighting alone, you can completely transform the way your home looks and feels. In the UK, a home make-over could easily eat up thousands of pounds. But installing new lighting is very affordable, especially if you do it yourself.

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