launch partyAs an HR professional, you already know about how a business’s culture influences its success. You understand that the line between achieving business goals and objectives and keeping employees motivated and satisfied within their role is thin and that it needs continuous attention to achieve balance.

When the balance is not met, the signs are clear:

  • Lack of growth and progression, goals and objectives are not met
  • Employees feel overworked
  • Absenteeism increases
  • Employee turnover rate increases

The economic benefits of having a positive business culture are significant, and by investing money into your employees’ happiness reduces the employee carousel that can be a major obstacle to a business’s success. A company’s employees are its greatest asset, and so the relationship that the business has with them should be nurtured.

Investing in your employees goes beyond developing their career progression; it’s about making decisions that fuel their loyalty to the company. Employees who feel valued by their employer remain loyal, so recognizing their efforts and celebrating their success is a way to keep them engaged. Loyal employees not only positively impact the turnover rate but help to develop a work culture that attracts talent – it’s a win-win situation for the HR department and the business alike.

Companies that have a recognition-rich culture have up to a 31% lower turnover rate. The statistics speak for themselves. One way to recognize the successes of employees is to host a company event to celebrate. Businesses often make the mistake of hosting an event that meets their needs rather than the attendees. This can make the event feel like an extension of the working day, rather than something that is fun.

Fun events promote authentic interaction

Working alongside colleagues helps to build relationships, but it is the out-of-office opportunities to connect that strengthens the rapport. Increased engagement between colleagues is crucial for streamlined business success and collaboration. These events provide an opportunity for genuine and authentic interactions to occur.

Fun events promote the business

When you provide employees with fun events, you are creating a buzz around the company, and one that is most likely to be shared with the employees’ friends and family. If you ask an employee about the perks of the business, they will often refer to these days out because they stand out above and beyond the other benefits the business provides. This is a way of increasing brand awareness in the wider community.

Here are seven tips for hosting a fun event that appeals to the employee:

Hold the event during work hours

One of the downsides of work events is that they are often held in the employee’s leisure time. People spend most of the hours that they are awake at work, and leisure time is well-earned and needed. Yes, it will cost the business money to have people away from their desks, but the gesture will be appreciated and valued by the employees.

Go off-site

Do not be tempted to hold an event in the offices. Employees want to cut loose and relax. It may be a cheaper option, but an event held in the office will not have the same impact as one off-site.

Choose something that all can attend

Of course, not everyone has the same likes and interests, and organizing a fun event can mean that some invitees do not like what is being offered – you can’t please everyone all the time. However, if you know in advance that one of the invitees has specific needs, be mindful that you choose something that is inclusive.

Make sure that the right people are invited

If the event is to celebrate specific successes, make sure that the right attendees are invited. It can be easy to make a mistake, but the effects will be felt throughout the business, and what should be a great event will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Double-check and triple-check the invitation list!

Send a detailed invitation

Some people find attending work functions stressful. They don’t know what they need to wear, the timings and what to expect. The invitation should include all the information that the attendee needs. For example, if you have organized a North Park Brewery tour with So Diego Tours, casual clothing can be worn, whereas an afternoon kayaking in the river will require very different attire.

It shouldn’t be expensive for the employee to attend

How many events have you attended where the drinks were expensive or were in a venue that was expensive to get to and from? Be mindful that not all employees will be able to afford some events but feel obliged to attend. For an event to be fun, it needs to be affordable.

Give a concise appreciative but brand-rich message

You don’t need to give an hour-long speech about how well the employees have performed, but it is important to vocalize appreciation and how grateful the business is for the work that has been done. Remember, this event is a reward for the employees, and should not be turned into a work event – having thanked the employees, don’t talk about work again.

Organizing and hosting a fun event is hard work, but the returns are high and make your job easier in the long run. Spend time to identify the best-fit entertainment for the people you are inviting and provide them with enough information so that they have nothing to worry about in the run-up to it. This is their reward for their great performance, and an opportunity to celebrate their personal achievements.

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