senior fashionWith winter bearing down upon us, it’s time to open up that storage chest and start pulling out the scarves, mittens and cardigans. Comfort is important in the winter, no doubt, but who says comfort and style are at odds? The fashion cycle has come full circle in recent years and in 2018, comfort and style are completely compatible. When you visit friends and family at active living communities for seniors, you may notice that the threads older folks are wearing actually look pretty hip by today’s standards. The era of skinny-jeans, foot-crushing high heels and fluorescent shirts is over: welcome to the era of sensible, tasteful style!

One thing you can say for certain about most seniors is that they’re at a point in their lives where they are comfortable being themselves without being judged by others. This a lesson we’d all do well to follow – trying to keep up with the hottest trends to stay relevant is an exhausting, never-ending task. Becoming comfortable in your own skin (and clothes) is a timeless endeavour with the greatest of rewards: self-confidence and contentment.

In this post, we’re going to look at four awesome fashion trends straight out of your grandma and grandpa’s lookbook:

  1. Loose Fitting Clothes – A decade ago, form-fitting clothes were all the rage. Men were wearing skinny jeans and tight, brightly coloured clothing from American Apparel was everywhere. Today, American Apparel is out of business, and men can breathe a sigh of relief as they peel those jeans off. Wool trousers, thick cardigans and tweed blazers will serve you well this winter as you break free from the yolk of tight clothes. The best part is, you can typically find amazing specimens of the aforementioned items for super cheap at your local Salvation Army or Value Village!
  1. Casually Sporting Athletic Wear – A not much-publicized fact about seniors is that they are constantly exercising. Between chair yoga, aqua fit, tai chi, hiking and beyond, many retired folks take advantage of their freedom to stay fit and healthy. Wearing sweat-wicking shirts, track pants and fleece hiking gear in public sends a message that you’re athletic and not overly concerned with what people think – an attractive look indeed!
  1. Knitwear for the Win – Many seniors knit scarves and sweaters for themselves and others, so they know the value of good wool and cashmere. A comfortable sweater may be expensive, but it will make you happy every time you put it on and it will last a long, long time. So, stop shopping at Joe Fresh and invest in a proper sweater, or, learn to knit!

  1. Comfy Shoes – Wearing simple flats or running shoes to work is another move that shows you value comfort and health over vain considerations. Some think heels look good, but they are a pain to wear and truly not worth it. When your eccentric older uncle visits in a tweed blazer with cross-trainers on, it looks pretty cool, right?

Visit your parents or grandparents at their seniors’ residence today for more fashion ideas. It could even lead to a trend-setting intergenerational style exchange program!   

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