Food TourismFinding the best, most delicious and healthiest food options in your community may be a bit of a challenge. Whether you don’t get out much or you just aren’t the cooking type, it can be all too easy to fall to temptation and grab a box or bag of unhealthy, processed food off store shelves. Particularly when traveling, the impulse to eat poorly can be strong.

When you’re visiting most cities, however, there are plenty of awesome and unique restaurants, menus, and cafes to enjoy. While not all will be the healthiest options available, moderation and balance are important. It’s much easier to account for these variables when you take a guided food tour or plan a comprehensive itinerary.

If you’re planning on traveling and would like to sample the best that a city has to offer, then keep reading to find out about four American cities where food tourism is alive and well.

San Diego

While not one of America’s biggest cities per se, San Diego increasingly offers a plethora of reasons to visit. Among them, the food offerings in the city give it a culinary dominance usually reserved for world-class metropolitan areas. Serving as a major hub between the Americas and Asia, you’ll find virtually any type of cuisine imaginable in one of the hundreds of specialty restaurants and eateries here.

Food tourism is huge in San Diego. Food tours San Diego can take you from Mediterranean and Mexican to Asian fusion – all in the same day! A health-conscious city, you’re sure to find healthy menu selections at virtually every stop along the way.


America’s fourth largest city, it probably isn’t surprising to learn that Houston boasts thousands of unique places to wine and dine. While its official food tourism industry is relatively nascent, there are many unique options and packages available when visiting Houston.

At the crossroads of the American Southwest and Latin America, you’ll find everything from fine dining to take-out in Houston. The city even sponsors official culinary tours for those wanting to sample the finest that the Space City has to offer.


Long known as a hipster city, it should be expected that Portland’s landscape is dotted with niche eateries, food trucks, and a variety of unique dining options that only it could devise. With dozens of food tourism companies operating in the area, you’ll find packages that fit both your budget and your waistline.

Healthy eating is a breeze here, thanks to the organically-minded culture.


Last but not least, Atlanta is arguably the cultural capital of the South – and its food offerings are unrivaled in the region. Here, you’ll be able to sample organic dishes or delve deep into local faves. The unique meddling of cultures and food types produce one of the most varied, quality cuisine selections anywhere in the United States.

TripAdvisor provides a list of the best food tourism options in Atlanta – and there are many. Not only will you find plenty of food to enjoy, but the craft beer and wine scene in the city are exceptional as well.

These four American cities all provide travelers, tourists, and even residents with plenty of food options, and the same goes for food tourism. If you’re visiting one of these cities and don’t know where to begin in terms of sampling food, then sign up for a food tour and let the professionals do all the work for you!

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