hair extensionsCurls may look beautiful and desirable for women with straight hair. But what to do if your main goal is to have smooth and silky flat hair? Don’t worry, modern products in combination with a few simple tips will straighten your hair. Be ready to put more efforts than you see in the ads of shampoo or conditioner, but it will be worth it.

Styling Products that can replace the trip to a salon

For starters, you are going to need to use tools like straighteners, so make sure they make the minimum damage to your hair, like chi hair straightener, that offers a high level of protection for your hair. Still, even the best products don’t give you a 100 percent guarantee of protection. The least dangerous and destructive options that you can use at home, without any specific preparations are shampoos. However, they don’t work at all. Even styling products need to be used in combination if you want to see long-term results. Numerous products also contain highly destructive substances that will damage your hair from ends to the roots. You need to be extra careful with it.

You have to take into account the type of your hair, its density, and diameter. Smoothing lotion-like products will work its magic on thick hair, with high density. Thinner hair can be susceptible to sprays. As for the medium size and density, you are able to try gels. No matter what your hair type is, you need to use special protective sprays and silicone serum to intensify the effect.

Top products for you:

  • Straightener. The number 1 tool you need to have at home. You can choose ceramic straightener for the normal type of hair, gold and titanium plates for heavy curls. Chi hair straightener offers all of them for your convenience.
  • Crème, gel, lotion, balms. Choose one of the substances to straighten your hair. The most popular choices are Frizz-Ease from John Frieda, lotion Got2Be, EverSleek crème from L’Oreal, Control gel from TRESemme, Straightening mist from Garnier.
  • Hair serums. To consolidate your work you need to use serums and sprays. Qualitative products will hold the effect of straightening and protect the hair. Stylists choose Anti-Frizz serum from Dove, Polisher from Smooth’n Shine.

The manual to smooth hair

  • Let’s start from the beginning. The first thing you need to do is to wash your hair with the shampoo for your hair type and with a conditioner that has a smoothing effect. Since the process of straightening is still tough for the hair, it is better to rinse the head with cooler temperatures of water to make cuticles shrink.
  • Don’t rub your hair with the towel intensively, instead just gently press down the fabric to the hair till it will become damp. Don’t use a hairdryer. Use a microfiber towel.
  • Spread a small amount of straightening balm, cream, lotion, or gel on the hair. Rub it gently. Don’t take too much of the product or you will receive limp hair. Dime-size will be enough.
  • Brush your hair. Don’t get aggressive, no matter how frizzy is your hair. Patiently start with the ends and go up to the roots. Let it air dry before you will use a straightener.
  • Now take your straightener. Make sure that your hair is not overheated. You can take one or two seconds pause between each strand. Divide your hair into small strands, don’t try to straighten all the hair at once. Keep working until your hair will be smooth.
  • Apply the small number of protective spray, polisher, or serum as a finishing touch. Spread it carefully, more on the ends, less on the roots. It will protect your hair from the outside influences.

If you prefer to straighten your hair at home, you will need to use extra protective products of the best quality. To make the effect last longer, don’t forget about silicon serums and gels. Once in a month treat your hair with repairing masks from coconut milk or olive oils.

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