painful feet travelWhether you’re visiting a destination like New York City or Paris where the best way to experience the town is on foot or you’re a backpacker who enjoys trying new trails and climbing to new heights, your legs, back, and feet are under a lot of pressure. The constant walking and standing required to do the types of traveling described above can lead to a host of problems including back and neck strains, pulled leg muscles, and achy feet. To reduce the likelihood of this pain and discomfort ruining your trip, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind.

Your Shoes Really Do Matter

When planning a trip in which you’ll be doing a lot of walking, you need to make sure that you pack comfortable shoes. You’d be surprised how many tourists will walk around all day in flip-flops, flat sandals, canvas shoes, and flat-sole sneakers. After a few hours of strolling or hiking, their feet are suffering immensely and their trip is not as enjoyable. Athletic shoes can often be the best option because they provide support to the foot and ankle. You can add arch support inserts for extra protection.

Try Compression Socks or Hosiery

Compression socks or pantyhose are a great thing to pack for additional comfort while walking around on your trip. They can help to improve blood flow and circulation while also reducing the pain, swelling, or discomfort you may experience from being on your feet all day. They come in several different colors and styles making them easy to pair with your travel gear.

Stretch Before and After Your Journey

Stretching helps to get the blood flowing throughout your body. It is also beneficial for preventing injury to the heel of your foot or other ligaments that will be under a lot of stress. Make sure that you stretch before traveling a long distance on foot. You can also relieve any swelling or tension by stretching once you’ve finished walking or hiking.

Soak Your Feet

What better way to relax your feet after a long day of walking than to soak them in some warm water? Grab a bowl large enough to place your feet in and add some warm water. If you have it on hand, some essential oils can add a bit of aromatherapy and help to soothe the mind and body after a long day of traveling.

Take Breaks Often

It can be tempting to want to walk for long hours without stopping for fear you’ll miss something you’ve always wanted to see. However, too many hours on the feet can have a terrible impact on your health. Be sure to take frequent breaks. Whether you sit down at a local coffee shop and have something to drink or your find a resting spot along your hiking trail for some snacks and rehydration, it can make a world of difference.

Don’t let a thing like sore feet or swollen ankles get in the way of your vacation. If you plan on doing a lot of walking on your next trip, your best bet is to be prepared. Start with the proper footwear complete with arch support. Then take precautions like stretching and taking frequent breaks. As long as you keep these key health tips in mind, you’ll have no problem trekking it for hours through new territories.

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