fair trade logoHappy Fair Trade Month! I adore working with Fair Trade USA for so many reasons. So many wonderful products that help incredible people and their communities all over the world. Plus, every Fair Trade Month, I get to do a fun goodie box giveaway and share all the great stuff with you!

But first, I’d love to introduce you to one of Fair Trade’s farmer partners. Here’s a little bit about a wonderful farmer, Luz Sisa!Luz Sisa

Luz Sisa, 24, from Mulalo, Ecuador, drops off her daughter Shirley at the company’s complementary daycare. Luz, a mother of two, has been working at Agrocoex since 2010. She states: “We have fun working here and receive so many benefits. My daughter Shirley is in daycare, I receive small credits, computer courses, have my teeth checked, and above all, we are hoping to get a home in the new housing complex. We dream of having a roof over our heads that we know is ours.”

Fair Trade is a simple way to make every purchase matter. When you buy a product with the Fair Trade CertifiedTM label, you know that the farmers and workers who produced it got a fair deal for their hard work. This means better prices and wages, safe working conditions,environmental protection, and the ability to build sustainable livelihoods and thriving communities.fair trade

This month’s Fair Trade Month featured products are:

  • Wholesome
  • Cascadian Farms
  • Bark Thins
  • Lake Champlain Chocolates
  • Nutiva
  • Numi
  • Lara Bar
  • Frontier
  • Sunspire
  • Barefoot & Chocolate
  • Alter Eco
  • True Roots
  • S&D Coffee
  • Spectrum

And one lucky winner will win a goodie box of all these great Fair Trade Products!

fair trade goodies giveaway

How to enter our Fair Trade Giveaway:

  • Leave a comment telling us why you want to win the gift set!
    Be sure to leave your email address so that we may contact the winner.
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    Winners will be chosen on Monday, October 19th, by random.org.
    Deadline for Entering is 11:59 PM PST, Sunday, October 18th.
    Good luck!!
  • **We do not share your email with anyone nor do we add you to our mailing list
    **Only entries from the USA are eligible to win**


  1. I would love to win the giveaway because I did a lot of research on fair trade in college but have had a hard time learning about fair trade products.

  2. I met several Fair Trade coffee farmers during a Food Ethics “vacation” in Guatemala. Although the Fair Trade system may not be perfect, these farmers talked about large improvements in their working environment and their home life due to the better prices they now get for their products. Interacting with these folks helped me appreciate where those extra dollars go when you purchase Fair Trade products.

  3. I would love to win this gift set because all the products look terrific to try and my daughter and I try to purchase Fair Trade Products whenever possible.

  4. I’d love to win because I love Fair Trade products! Buying Fairtrade supports our Famers, our planet and it’s so much healthier for us. The goodies look delicious! ❤️

  5. I would love to win, because there are so many products I have wanted to try. Being a young adult living on my own, sometimes I really have to stretch my food budget. While I certainly am willing to pay more for fair trade and quality food, sometimes I don’t know what I should try first or what I might like. Winning them would give me a chance to know what to buy in the future!

  6. I would love to win because fair trade is such an important label and it’s great to learn more about companies that use ethical practices! I like supporting farmers and ethical companies! I follow you on FB and Twitter!

  7. I want to win because I love trying new (to me) Fair Trade products. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

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