home barMany design trends come and go, passing by in a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ fashion! However, there are some that stick around for the long haul, enabling homeowners to fall in love with their properties over and over again. The best trends elevate the visual appeal of a home, and also in the best cases, can add a considerable degree of value to a property too!

But what are the design trends that can do this? Are they easy to incorporate into the home, or will your entire space need to be reinvented? Many have begun to question if the value of their homes will change in 2019, so some stability in a quality design will provide some much-needed comfort and reassurance. 

Well, here’re the top design trends you should consider introducing to your home.

Multi-Purposed Style

Let’s face it; furniture can be quite boring. It’s an odd statement to make, but still, a lot of furniture in the home can feel very ‘samey’ and generic. Chairs, tables, sofas – rarely do they ever provide a proper, punchy wow factor to a home, and they mostly clutter spaces entirely. Dormant and uninteresting, most furniture can just be a bit bland, and feel like more of a necessity than a point of thoughtful design.

Well, this consensus can be countered with multi-purposed furniture! Beds can double as great storage spaces with built-in shelves at the headboard, and there’s even such a thing as a bike shelf, where your bike can be slotted into a groove-like gap in the shelf! Do some of your own research here, especially if you’re living in a city apartment. There’s a lot of creative, whacky ideas circulating this arena, providing more space and surprises at every turn.

Industrial Style

Industrial home interiors are often confused with the term ‘modern style’, which isn’t all together bad. Staples of the industrial kind of home décor include exposed brick walls, iron framed beds, and exposed shelving units. The whole aesthetic is supposed to look rather basic, but in a charming and historical sort of way.

Combine all of this with some rustic elements like brass table lamps from Cox & Cox, and you’re just about ready to cap off that industrial kind of feel. Make sure your home’s colour scheme is full of browns, blacks, greys, throw in some leather armchairs and sofas, and your home will perfectly carry off this design trend that’s taking the world by storm!

The Botanical Style

If you like to be environmentally friendly, then this next suggestion is definitely for you. Any living space should always feature at least a plant or two, as they can really add splashes of much-needed colour and variety. Of course, they also circulate a great amount of oxygen around your place, which is another great reason to go botanical!

Still, why not take things one step beyond all the greenery? For example, you could pick up some small sculptures of certain animals and neatly arrange them on your shelves, providing a few cute additions to the outdoorsy themes. Aim to accentuate those earthy colours and themes with your colour schemes (pale blues, greens, calming hues of pink etc), and you’re onto the botanical style!

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