croatia on a budgetIt’s by no means the most expensive country to visit – that mantle is firmly taken by a lot of other countries in the world.

However, if we hone in on supply and demand, Croatia is most definitely a destination that is bursting at the seams in relation to the former. Tourism in this country is flying, which is hardly surprising when you take a quick look at this Croatia travel guide.

Ultimately, it means that prices are starting to sneak up. Through today’s post, we will take a look at some of the things you can do to make your Croatia trip stay on budget.

Buses can help your journey along enormously

As we have already alluded to, Croatia has surged in popularity over the years. This means that there have been some really good investments in infrastructure, with the Croatian bus system falling into this category.

Obviously, it does vary slightly by which part of the country you are visiting. However, it has been modernised in most areas, and is significantly cheaper than any other method of transport. Want to save even more money? Buy your bus tickets online and you’ll receive a 5% discount.

Croatia is completely seasonal

Based in Europe, this next tip really shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, the tourist season in most of the continent is dictated by the weather and school holidays – and Croatia doesn’t fall outside of these rules.

In short, the peak season is July and August. Around this time, finding a bargain becomes really difficult.

Instead, turn towards April and May. The temperatures aren’t quite at hot, but the prices are much, much lower.

Location, location, location

It is something of a cliché, but with so many areas of Croatia to choose from you really have to get your choice of destination correct.

For years, Dubrovnik has grabbed the headlines – but this can mean that it gets expensive. It attracts huge numbers of tourists and in relation to prices, the rest is history.

If you do have your heart set on this city, at least avoid Old Town. If you can prize your heart away from it, look towards smaller towns which can allow you to make day trips to these larger cities.

Marenda: the cheapest way to fuel your trip

In truth, it doesn’t matter where you travel to, food is something that can eat away at your budget (pardon the pun).

This is where you need to get creative, and Croatia offers a really shrewd option for doing this. This comes in the form of Marenda, which is a traditional Croatian dish served at most restaurants. It is generally set at a fixed price, with locals usually tucking into it with the bid of keeping full for the day.

Then, there are the standard suggestions. In other words, asking the locals, or simply making your own food. This is where a shrewd choice of accommodation can sometimes work wonders, particularly if you have chosen something with a kitchenette.

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