Helicopter TourA Miami experience that has rapidly gained popularity is Miami helicopter tours. You can book Miami helicopter ride online before reaching Miami. After comparing the tour packages and providers, you can book Miami helicopter ride at the best price.

Before you are allowed on board the helicopter, you will undergo a security check. The check is to ensure that you are not carrying anything that is not permitted onboard. Here is a list of things that you can/must bring with yourself for the helicopter ride.


You need to carry a photo I.D. with yourself. Certain photo I.D.s are accepted for air travel in the US. You cannot present a soft copy or a photocopy of the I.D. before the flight. The original document must be presented at the airport. If you have misplaced your I.D., then you need to notify the tour providers well in advance and figure out alternatives.

Apart from your photo I.D., you might carry a printed copy of the flight booking details. When you book Miami helicopter ride, you will be given an invoice which you can print and carry just in case.

Credit/Debit Card

Another important thing that must be carried is the card that has been used to book Miami helicopter ride. Since the tour companies do not want to deal with card theft, they have protective policies in place. You need to carry the credit or debit card that had been used to book the ride.


Miami is a sunny destination. When you are flying in a helicopter, the sun can obscure your view. To ensure that you do not miss out on the views you need to carry sunglasses.


A tube of sunscreen will be your best friend during your Miami holiday. Sunscreen can be just as crucial as sunglasses for your helicopter ride. You might have to leave your tube of sunscreen at the airport locker, but you should carry it to the airport and apply it before the flight.


There are no rules to prevent cell phones from being carried onboard. You might use your cell phone to take pictures and videos. Even iPads and Tablets are allowed on board for capturing the experience.


You can carry your wallet in your pocket. While you will not need your wallet in the air, you do not have to leave them in the airport lockers. However, handbags, purses, and even fanny packs are not allowed onboard.


Hand-held cameras and video recording devices are allowed. You will not be allowed to carry your camera bag and spare lenses. So, you need to fit the right lenses for aerial photography before take-off.


If you are more interested in seeing the views instead of capturing them on camera, then you can carry binoculars onboard. If you do not own a binocular, then buy one when you book Miami helicopter ride.

Wear the Right Clothes

You can dress as you desire for your flight. Carrying a hat or cap for the flight can be useful for protection from the sun. Before you book Miami helicopter ride, check to see if there are any clothing regulations.

If you are carrying things that are not allowed on board, then you have the liberty of renting a locker at the airport and leaving your things safely on land. Once your flight is over, you can collect your things from the locker.


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