outdoor adventure safetyFresh air is essential for a healthy body, as oxygen cleanses your lungs whilst you exhale airborne toxins from your body. That’s why you must aim to spend many an hour outside the home. Check out the six fun and active ways to enjoy more of the great outdoors.

  1. Take a Hike

Hiking is a healthy form of physical activity that will allow you to breath in fresh, clean air as you climb a hill or mountain. It’s an activity that can be performed alone, with all the family or your friends. You can explore a trail to experience some of the best sights and views that your location has to offer, and that you don’t ordinarily see. Not only is this a fun activity, but you can burn some serious calories in a natural environment rather than being stuck inside a hot, sticky gym!

2. Jet boarding

Use every muscle in your body to take control of a motorized jet board and have a serious amount of fun on the water. You can choose to either sit down, lay down or stand up to take control of the jet board, as you speed across the water, passing by surfers in style. You’ll never want to go back indoors.

3. Volleyball

Many people often head straight to the beach when the sun starts to shine; however, instead of spending your days laying on a sun lounger, you should play a game of volleyball to have fun and increase your fitness levels. The great thing about volleyball is that you can play it with both family and friends, and in large or small groups, so it’s a fun, social and physical sport that’s perfect for the great outdoors.

4. Bicycle Rides

Do you want to encourage your children to move away from the sofa and have fun outside? Maybe you’re tired of feeling like a couch potato and want to do something fun away from the home. If so, you should go on a bike ride. Grab your partner, children, best friend or all the family to enjoy a scenic bike ride. You’ll also feel healthier for it, as a light spin on a bicycle for seven minutes can reportedly burn 50 calories.

5. Golf

Never played a game of golf in your life? Don’t let that stop you. The sport allows you to enjoy many hours on a golf course or at the driving range, so it’s a great way to breathe in some quality fresh air. Golf also burns 54 calories within 10 minutes, so it’s an effective sport for developing a lean, healthy body whilst having a little fun.

6. Play Fetch

Owning a dog can provide hours of fun for all the family, as you can enjoy many walks in the great outdoors with your loveable pet pooch. Playing fetch outside is also a great way to boost both yours and your canine’s health, as it will allow you both to spend some time outdoors. Just 15 minutes of playing fetch with your dog can surprisingly burn 54 calories. So, both you and your pet will be happier and healthier.

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