shop online groceriesgroceriresceriesWe all want to save money where we can and one of the biggest expenditures in life is food. The price of a grocery shop can soon add up and due to inflation and increases in the cost of living, the price of our groceries has been rising in recent years.

Statistics show that around 10 percent of our total budget is spent on food and that is based on a household of just 2.5 people! Therefore, if you have a family to feed, you can expect your annual grocery bill to be a lot more expensive than that.

It is a common misconception that in order to save money on our groceries, we must cut down on the quality of the food we buy. However, this is not the case. Instead, if you take a closer look at what we are buying and how we use our groceries, then you will likely be shocked at the many ways you can save money. Here are five ways you can save on your groceries without having to sacrifice the quality of your items.

Make a Shopping List

Something as simple as making a shopping list of all the things you need from the grocery store can make a huge difference when it comes to saving money on your shopping. Shopping without a grocery list can be a dangerous thing to do, as you can find yourself putting things in your basket that you don’t even need!

By making a shopping list, then you can get all the ingredients you need to make your meals for the week without having too much waste. You may find instead of having to sacrifice quality products that you can afford to buy more quality products because you are saving money by only buying what you really need.

Use Up What You Have

You should be sure to check out your cupboards before you go to the grocery store so that you don’t find yourself buying the same items you already have at home. If you have enough in the cupboard to make another meal, then put off grocery shopping for another day.

Make Coffee at Home

Coffee is a savior on a busy day, but the price of buying coffee from Starbucks on your way to work can soon add up. Instead, choose third-party Nespresso capsules so that you can make equally as delicious coffee at home. This is only a small change to your daily schedule, but it will save you time and money!

Cook in Bulk

You may find that you are cooking way more food than you need for mealtimes and end up putting leftovers in the trash. However, a great way to save on your groceries is to purposely make too much food, so that you can freeze leftovers for another day.

Cooking food in bulk and storing them in Tupperware containers in the freezer means that you can have healthy food on hand throughout the rest of the week (and save yourself another trip to the grocery store!).

Shop as Often as You Want

While most people tend to do a grocery shop once a week, this can sometimes lead to food going off before you get a chance to use it. Instead, if you have enough food to last you a few more days, then delay your next grocery store trip.

By making some of these small changes to how you shop and cook food for your family, you can save time and money without having to sacrifice the quality of the food you are eating.

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