road trip tipsTraveling with the family in your car? Good for you. But spending hours in the car with your family can be a little challenging, which is why you need to be prepared at all times to make the journey fun, safer, and more fulfilling. And so, to make traveling in your car with your family more rewarding, here are some accessories you should bring with you.

1. An In Car Entertainment System
Even when spending quality time with your family as you travel in your car, a good entertainment system, can help with the quiet moments in between. In fact, such a system can help in cases where you are traveling with rowdy kids and want to keep them settled as you travel.

A good entertainment system should have good quality screens, which can be installed on the back of the seats or on the roof of your car. And also, don’t forget to bring with you adequate and appropriate entertainment content.

2. Radar Detector
You can never be too careful on the road these days, even when driving within the prescribed speed limits. People get nabbed for speeding all the time, and a good number of these violators are innocent of the charge. So, to make sure you are extra careful as you drive with the family, you should get a radar detector.

With this handy device, you can avoid speeding tickets, wrongful or justified, by recognizing the traps in time so that you can slow down. But for best results, you have to ensure you have the best radar detector in your car, not all products in this category will give you good results.

3. Backpacks/Bags
Traveling with family, even over short distances, will require that you carry with you quite a bit of stuff. For instance, if you are going to the beach for a special day of fun, you will need to carry swimming costumes and other gear.

You will also need to carry with you some snacks, sunscreen, electronics, sun glasses, water and food supplies among other items you need during your journey. But you just can’t throw these items piecemeal into the back of you car – you will need bags. And depending on how big of a group you are taking with you, you will probably need more than a few backpacks or bags.

Kids will probably insist on having bags of their own as well; and it also does not make sense to throw toys in the bag that contains the food supplies you brought for the journey. In other words, deliberate on how many bags will be needed during the journey so that everything is carried safely during your travel.

4. Camera
It’s understandable, mobile devices have pretty much phased out traditional cameras. In fact, it is not these cameras we are talking about here, but rather the modern action cameras that are adequately suited to handle the rough outdoors.

A phone might be adequate for a selfie here and there, but to catch the real action, even in water, you will need a good action camera. These gadgets provide high quality videos and pictures, are compact in size, and designed to handle the roughness that often comes with a typical family car ride. They also tend to have enough memory and battery power to offer a decent usage experience.

5. Medical First Aid Kit
This is absolutely essential, even when you are not traveling with the family. Family times can get a little out of hand, with kids playing around and even hurting themselves, or falling sick unexpectedly. But with a medical kit filled with emergency medical supplies like bandages, pain killers, thermometer and the like, such incidences can be a lot easier to manage.

One little mishap as you travel with your family in your car can really put a damper on things. For instance, without enough or proper bags, you could end up losing valuable items. And without a medical kit, you will live in dread of the moment when a medical emergency comes up, however minor. In the same way, without a radar detector, you journey might get stalled by an overzealous traffic cop. Therefore, to stay on top of things and make your travel more successful, above are some things you should carry with you when traveling with your family in your car.


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