hair with soft waterTraveling is fantastic, but it can be stressful as well. Your hair in particular might not be happy with the life on the road. Even the time spent in heavenly retreats with beautiful beaches can be a bad experience for your locks as seawater and sunlight are deadly threats for them. Same goes for running water in many parts of the world as it’s often laden with a variety of nasty chemicals. Overall, if you want to keep your hair healthy in your travels, you need to care for it in a certain way. Changing your hairstyle might be necessary for people who travel a lot. And no matter where you go, choosing the most natural haircare products is a must because you will need to cut down the damage from chemicals and the environment.

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy While Traveling: 4 Simple But Effective Tips

  1. Make sun protection a priority

If you travel to the sunnier places, protecting your hair from UV damage is a must. People today are aware of the connection between UV radiation and skin cancer, so the use of sunscreen creams is on the rise. However, not everyone realizes how damaging sunlight is for hair. You can see what kind of serious threat it is from multiple studies published in Collegium Antropologicum, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology, and other sources.

To protect your precious tresses you need to use SPF hairsprays as well as wear hats or scarves to cover your locks. Remember that no protection is perfect, so try to stay out of the sun around noon. The radiation is the worst at that time.

  1. Use natural haircare products

One of the main concerns you’ll have when traveling is the quality of water in the places you visit. It won’t always be the best, and even if it is good, the composition of the water will definitely change. It’s a stress for your locks and one of the main reasons why to choose natural hair products. They are more protective by default and the lack of chemicals in them will reduce the overall stress on your locks. If possible, choose organic products as the most hair-health-friendly option available.

Please try to stick to the same brand of haircare products no matter where you are. Buying online makes this quite easy. As you won’t be able to take a big bottle of shampoo/conditioner on the plane, consider choosing a store that ships internationally.

  1. Choose a hairstyle that doesn’t need styling

The last thing your hair needs while traveling is heat damage from styling. You might also have a lot of trouble finding facilities to style your locks in some complicated way when you are on the road. Therefore, choosing a haircut that looks amazing with little to no styling is a must for frequent travelers.

Low-maintenance haircuts are simple and available for any hair type. The best thing about them is that they look great no matter what. This means that you can get some stunning pictures easily and getting your locks in order for the shoot will only take minutes.

  1. Stick to your hair care routine

It’s easy to ‘let yourself go’ when living on the road. However, stocking to a proper haircare routine is the secret to keeping your locks healthy and beautiful. This means washing your hair every 2-3 days and moisturizing it every time. A proper routine also includes weekly deep conditioning treatments and using protective products when going out.

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