Solar Power homeFrom creating a cleaner environment and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels to saving on energy costs and having a reliable source of electricity, the many benefits of solar are undeniable. And, with falling prices and new innovations on the horizon, there’s no better time than the present to make the switch.

However, with so many technology options and financing models to consider, the journey to solar can often be daunting and confusing. To help you get started on your path to solar, we’ve listed a few easy ways to implement this clean, renewable form of energy in your life.

Sign up for community solar

If you’re a renter, you live in a multi-tenant building or you have a roof that’s unable to support solar panels, community solar offers an ideal way to experience the economic and environmental benefits of solar without having to install any equipment. In a community solar model, local solar farms are shared by multiple subscribers who receive credit on their utility bills for their share of the power produced. Although growing rapidly across the United States, community solar is unfortunately not yet available everywhere. To see if there’s an active solar community near you, Community Solar Hub provides a project list with details of community solar developments throughout the country.

Use portable solar power products

Portable solar products, such as lights, power banks and chargers, offer a really easy way to implement solar into your life without a lot of cost. A solar lantern gives you the opportunity to reduce the electricity you use to light your home, and its portability also offers a source of lighting for outdoor use and camping. These lanterns are inexpensive and widely available for purchase. Simply charge them during the day and get hours of efficient, high-quality and fossil fuel-free lighting at night. Some, like the d.light S500 Solar Lantern, provide lighting as well as the ability to charge your devices.

Utilize a digital solar recommendation tool

If you’re looking to install a full solar power system for your home, you can ease the hassle of this process by utilizing a solar recommendation tool, like the EnergyGeeks platform. This platform helps streamline the solar buying process, from initial inquiries and price quotes through the permitting and installation. Additionally, beyond providing a recommendation tool, the EnergyGeeks team delivers complete project management services and support via chat, phone, text and email. You’ll get paired with your very own ‘Energy Geek’, who will help you make smart decisions about the solar options that fit your lifestyle and budget. Your Energy Geek will also provide you with an equipment breakdown and cost-savings plan, as well as guide you through executing a digital solar agreement with a top recommended installer. Best of all – this service is free to use for all energy shoppers!

There’s no better time than now to go solar and start experiencing all the economic and environmental advantages that this clean energy has to offer. And, whether it’s making minor adjustments to your lifestyle or getting expert help from a free resource, it’s also never been easier.

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