flowers world destinationsDifferent flowers bloom in different region and continents. If you are planning a trip, why not consider traveling places in the world where flowers give their best bloom. You will be lured by unique floral regions and natural gardens in the world, in addition to different flower festivals and landscaped botanical gardens. For your next trip, here are the 5 great travel destinations in the world worth visiting to see the best blooms:

Keukenhof, Netherlands

Experience the breathtaking Tulip Festival in Keukenhoff, Netherlands, which is located in South Holland. Keukenhof is the largest flower garden in the entire Europe. From March to May, this place is a great destination for unique travel if you want to witness the most beautiful blooms of Tulips and other types of flowers in Holland like Daffodils, Hyacinths, and more. The 2,500 acres of land is filled with Tulips in different colors. The Florist prefers to import beautiful blooms and fresh cut flowers from this region because of the high quality of their flowers.

Mainau Island, Germany

The Flower Island is found in Mainau Island, Germany and is famous with a nickname of Blumeninsel. It is a 110-acre field of flowerbeds, paved paths, vast land, and sweeping lawns that are fully and naturally featured with different types of flowers. The flower season in spring begins from the month of March and lasts until May, and this is the best time for Tulips and other flowers of spring. During summer season, there are also hundreds of local and seasonal flowers in their best blooms. Before the winter season starts, Dahlias bloom richly, attracting millions of visitors to visit the Dahlia hills of the island. In addition, the island also boasts of a mesmerizing arboretum and butterfly house.


The Dubai Miracle Garden is becoming one of the famous tourist attractions in the world that features more than 100 million blooms. This garden was first opened on Valentine’s Day in 2013 in a land totaling 72,000 square meters. With the aim of providing positive impact on environment and to its millions of tourists, the garden boasts of different species of flowers and blooms imported from global Flower shop and suppliers and were created into amazing shapes and designs. There are flowers fashioned into hearts, pyramids, stars, butterfly, igloos, and more. This garden was acknowledged and recognized throughout the world. In fact, it was awarded and recorded in Guinness Book as the garden with the longest wall of flowers.

These great destinations are among the popular choices for travel and vacations to see the most beautiful flowers in their best blooms.


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