visit coloradoThe state Colorado and its attractiveness

Colorado is a destination that has something for everyone at any time of the year. The beauty of its nature and its fascinating landscapes amuse the visitors all year round. The states rich nature offers a great variety of destinations including rivers, hills, streams, and even a desert. Students also like traveling. Read more interesting essays about traveling on this source.

15 most beautiful destinations

1.Rocky Mountain National Park

It is one of the most often visited parks in the USA. The combination of lakes, mountains, forests, meadows, and adorable wildlife creates unforgettable pictures that wouldnt leave anyone indifferent. The park has its driving roads that allow watching the views sitting in comfort.

2.Mesa Verde National Park

This park gives visitors a great opportunity to discover the amount of ruins. It is the most suitable destination for those, who are interested in history and like to combine the past with the modern life.

3.Garden of the Gods

This park can be praised for its specific landscapes. With its stone fins and towers, huge boulders, and mountains in distance, it creates a unique and wonderful atmosphere. It is extremely popular with mountain bikers, climbers, and those who love Jeep tours.

4.Vail and Nearby Mountain Towns

In winter it attracts thousands of ski lovers and has the name of one of the most popular ski resorts. However, it is great to visit at the warm time of the year. The prices in this resort might be expensive for the ordinary people but there are several smaller towns around that are also worse to visit.

5.Pikes Peak in Pike National Forest

It is the most famous mountain in the National Forest that attracts a huge number of visitors every year. It is accessible for every ordinary person and is easy to drive to.

6.Durango and the Silverton Narrow Gage Railway

The highest point of attracting the visitors in a summer period. This beautiful ancient train provides every day trip for those who want to feel the taste of history and enjoy a fascinating view of mountains.

7.San Juan Skyway Scenic Byway and the Million Dollar Highway

It is made especially for those who love enjoying wonderful views while sitting comfortably in the car. This highway is about 46 kilometers long and opens the view on mountains and wonderful valleys. It is one of the most excellent ways to make a day trip spending on this gorgeous highway.

8.Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

This place is a beautiful canyon that creates the feeling of being undiscovered. For those who want to relax in the silence and enjoy walking along the paths, it is a perfect destination.

9.Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness

It is the wonderful destination to find the connection with nature and enjoy the wonderful scenery. It combines the forests, lake, and meadows that made a fascinating picture together.

10.Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

This National park has the sand dunes that create unique scenery that is not typical for America. You can walk or try to surf the sands and camping around is also possible.

11.Mount Evans

The mountain itself attracts lots of visitors every year and the Byway which leads to the mountain is the highest way in the USA. It closes in winter, though.

12.Colorado National Monument

National Monument offers an extraordinary view that isnt usual for the mountain scenery. It includes rocks, walls, canyons and several trees that create a feeling of being in the desert.

13.Dinosaur National Monument

It is one of the most interesting destinations that connects cultural and natural history. It contains the evidence of dinosaurs that were living many years ago.

14.Mountain Biking Trails near Fruita

Colorado is the most suitable destination for those, who love mountain biking. This trail provides the opportunity to cycle in the mountains without any season limits.

15.Kebler Pass

It is the greatest opportunity to enjoy the fascinating autumn view and explore the wonderful sights.

The best ways to travel around Colorado

If you are a supporter of the active holidays, you can choose the opportunity to cycle around the beautiful places in mountains. Another way to discover amazing places is hiking and climbing. For those, who want to enjoy the views from the highways or roads in the park, driving is the best way to do


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