cheap travel for studentsEvery student dreams about traveling inside the country or abroad to rest from boring routine and writing tons of different tasks as of essays like poverty in the philippines essay. However, it is so expensive, especially for students. Here we have collected a list of tips will help you to save your saving and visit all the places you want.

Beneficial walking 

Prepare your favorite pair of shoes for traveling and never bring with you the new one in order to avoid callus on your feet. Walking is a perfect option that can greatly save your money. Strolling sightseeing brings much more impressive and great memories than using public transport. You can visit interesting streets, buildings, and places. Before visiting any city check the maps and consider what route you should take to visit the most interesting places and save the time and money.

Weekday tickets

Weekday tickets are less expensive, and it is a good way to say your budget. Try to get tickets on Tuesday or Wednesday and avoid holidays. During state holidays of your country or target one, the tickets will be more expensive. In addition, try to travel in the low season depending on the country. Some of them it is better to visit in winter and other of spring, autumn or summer.

Manage the costs

Most of times students have very limited savings, and they have to plan their wastes. It is better to divide them at the beginning of your trip and put everything down into the notebook. There is a good piece of advice from experienced travelers to figure out the local prices of your destinations. It will help you to decide where to eat, what to buy and how much you are going to pay for all that.

Investigate everything in advance

If you want to avoid additional expenses, you should plan your trip. It means not only buying a ticket for airplane and booking the room but also planning your routes, places, where to eat or rather cook by yourself, where to stay for a night, etc. After that, you will find out how much money you will need to take with you. Moreover, try to learn more about the place you are going to go. Students can find valuable information about the cities and country peculiarities in social networks or different forums

Vacation homes, room in apartments

Hotels are expensive for students. Therefore, there are several alternatives. The first one is the hostels. They are cheap, but it can be not so comfortable for you with unknown neighbors in the room. The second one is vacation homes. As they are not in the center of the city, they are less expensive. The last one you can try to figure out about different couchsurfing services where you can have a bed or even a room. You will be able to talk to the hosts, and they can even help you during your travel.

Special offers and discounts

Sometimes there special offers during some event or times of year where you can buy some food or stuff for a lower price. There can also be discounts at some museums, or even they can be free of charge.

Cook by yourself

In order to save money on food try to cook for yourself and bring cooked snacks with you. Usually, with groceries, you can find good products that can be cheaper than in supermarkets and they often provide discounts for not very fresh fruits and vegetables, but they are still in good condition.

Local currency

Before the trip, it is recommended to check where exchange rates are better and get the local currency of your destination. When you are using currency credit card, you will need to convert your money during payments, and it can be even several times. Also, try to take out large sums to avoid the commission.

Right luggage

One of the most difficult question for every travel is what to take on the trip. While you are traveling on a low budget, try to take only the most important things that you will use during your trip. If you are unsure about jeans and jackets, it is better to leave them at home. It is not only handy to take less stuff, but it will save your money at the airport, as you will not overpay for the luggage. Also, you will be able to take some small souvenirs with you in the end.

Volunteer programs

Students can travel as volunteers to different countries during some projects. They can also be less expensive as the organization helps you with finding the place where to stay for a night, meet other volunteers and cope with cultural difficulties of the unknown country.

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