kids with Oppositional Defiant disorderAs our children become teenagers, we begin to worry about what they are up to when they aren’t at home. We cannot bubble wrap our children or have eyes on them all the time, and chances are they will begin to learn more about drugs and alcohol and they may even be offered them. Informing them of what drugs and alcohol can do to your body and the dangers of addiction can help them to be safer when making choices. Here is how to inform them of the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Talk to Them About Drugs and Alcohol

Have a conversation with them about what they think about drugs and alcohol and find out their views. Have a consistent view and if you enjoy alcohol, do not pretend to your children it is all bad. Promote sensible drinking rather than trying to stop them from drinking alcohol at all, as if they see you drinking it, they are more likely to get angry and consume too much alcohol. If they want to try it, perhaps you could let them have their first alcoholic drink with little strength at a family party, rather than you refusing, causing them to try something stronger at a party with friends and putting themselves in danger.

Informing Them of the Dangers

Telling them the dangers and laws around drugs and alcohol can help them understand why they shouldn’t be doing them, rather than you just telling them they can’t. Letting your children know the laws around underage drinking and taking any drug may help keep them away from using drugs or drinking. When children are growing, drugs and alcohol can damage the brain and make it harder to learn and remember things and cause permanent damage. There are educational videos online that can help get your message across in a better way, and help your children understand that what you are saying is true.

Be a Role Model

Your children look up to you and they learn habits from what they see their parents doing. Keeping drugs and alcohol away from them can show you are a good role model. Drinking at family parties or a glass of wine with a meal shows sensible alcohol usage. There is no use in pretending you do not drink alcohol if you do as this will just send your children mixed messages. Bringing your children up in a safe environment and showing them that it is ok to say no to peer pressure can help to establish rules and stop them from drinking underage or doing drugs. Unfortunately, however hard we try, our children may get mixed up in the wrong crowd and start drinking or taking drugs. If this happens, there are rehab facilities in Colorado available to help young adults with addiction.

As our children get older, we will worry about what they are doing when we cannot see them. Giving them all the information and trusting our children is the best we can do to ensure that they stay safe and sober.

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  1. I completely agree with you, Carolyn. I have two sons who will enter their teens the next year. Your blog offers useful information regarding how to deal with kids when they grow up, in relevance to drugs and alcohol. Until now, we have not talked to them regarding this, as they keep busy with their studies. But, soon, we will be having this conversation with them. Your blog is quite helpful in this. Thank you for sharing.

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