The Healthy Voyager in Portland, OR

I LOVE Portland and can’t wait to go back soon!  The abundance of healthy, plant based food as well as the
overall healthy mindset of its inhabitants makes it a very appealing city to visit. Eco friendly, artsy amidst all the
beauty of being in the Pacific North West, Portland is fabulous ; )

See how much fun I had (and how much I ate) in the City of Roses!

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    Wow! Such a great review of Portland! It’s a mecca for healthy voyagers. When you’re here next also check out the many organic markets like Zupan’s Market. Of course, there are many coffee houses which we’re known for and most serve organic roasts, of course.
    Way to go Carolyn and Camera Man Dan! And Bunny Hamilton for inspiration on seeking out healthy veggies everywhere.

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    Great post! I appreciate the attention that pdx gets for being so conscious in what they eat and the energy that we use. I’ve lived here for a year and am opening a donation based yoga and health coaching studio, and I haven’t been to any of the healthy spots that you visited! As a health coach, I should certainly take a visit :). I have, of course, been to Voodoo, but never have I made a donut there! I love Sweet Pea, I have never been to a place that serves hazelnut milk. So great. Thanks for visiting us, come back soon!

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    What a great vegan tour of Portland! You went to all of the right places. I am so proud to live here!

    Is this video old? Blossoming Lotus has not been in the Yoga Pearl location for over a year! They have a great space in the NE with a beautiful dining room and huge menu now. The next time you visit, I highly recommend stopping back. It is my favorite place in PDX! <3

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