Safe Winter Driving Tips

Safe Winter Driving TipsThis time of year, driving can be dangerous. With icy roads and blinding snow, drivers need to be extra careful behind the wheel.

It’s also important that your car is winterized to keep it working at peak performance all season long. From the right antifreeze to having the best wipers to keep your visibility perfect, check out my top winter vehicle tips to keep you safe this cold season!

  1. Make sure you have brand new windshield wipers. Wipers like the Michelin Stealth Ultra are your best defense against rain, ice and snow! The STEALTH® Ultra design protects the blade from getting clogged with snow, ice and road debris by using a tough, patented cover featuring unique Smart Hinge joints which allow the wiper to grip the windshield securely and effectively across the entire blade. And each end of the blade has independent suspension technology, which allows the blade to adjust to your windshield’s shape ensuring that the blade grips the windshield all the way to the ends of the wiper blade.
  2. Get the right antifreeze. Aim for having a 50-50 mix of antifreeze (coolant) and water inside your radiator. This will prevent the mixture from freezing even at ridiculously cold temperatures. It’s easy to check the status of the mixture with an inexpensive antifreeze tester, which you can pick up at any auto parts store or having your trusted mechanic check it for you.
  3. Belts and hoses, check and check. Cold weather can do a number on belts and hoses, so they deserve attention.
  4. Tires are the key. Your tires must be properly inflated to ensure you’ll have the best possible traction as you drive along — and traction is often severely jeopardized in wet, snowy or icy conditions. The air pressure in your tires has likely dropped as the weather has gotten colder, so it’s important to see where things stand now. You might also want to improve traction even more by investing in winter tires and using them over the next few months instead of your usual all-season tires.
  5. Have an emergency kit handy in case you get stranded. Having an easy to access kit in the case of stranding is key to your safety and health until help arrives. Pack a kit that contains:
    • a blanket
    • an extra set of warm clothes, socks, boots and gloves
    • extra water and food
    • an ice scraper
    • a small shovel
    • a flashlight
    • flares
    • jumper cables
    • a tool kit
    • tire chains
    • a tire gauge
    • a spare tire with air in it
    • tire-changing equipment
    • a first-aid kit
    • paper towels

Doing a simple check on your car can be the difference between life and death in harsh winter climates so be safe out there!

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